WOMEN have revealed the one present they don’t want to receive this Christmas – and there’s still time to exchange it at the store if you’ve already bought it. 

While women love jewellery, there’s a particular shape men should avoid – a heart. 

Typically symbolising love and affection, it seems it becomes less cute and more cringe after your teens. 

As a warning to boyfriends and husbands everywhere, one woman wrote a post advising blokes to steer clear of this shape. 

She Tweeted: “Your girlfriend doesn't want heart-shaped jewellery, I promise you.

“If you see this and think she wants something heart-shaped, I am willing to help you find something that isn't ugly. 

“This is my act of service to my fellow women." 

The shape was branded ‘tacky’ and ‘childish’ by hundreds of women, after the post racked up more than 439,000 likes. 

People agreed a heart-shaped necklace, ring or earring is more suited to a teen romance, than an adult relationship. 

Heart-shaped anything is for children

Commenting on the tweet, one woman said: 'Heart-shaped rings remind me of the play jewellery that came in the princess dress up kits when I was like five.”

Someone else reckoned: “You are so right. Heart jewellery is for 12 year olds."

A third thought: “Heart-shaped anything is for children.”

Agreeing, this person said: “I hate all heart-shaped jewelry. None of it is okay.”

This woman posted: “If my husband got me a heart-shaped necklace today, I would honestly just be confused. Because, against my deepest wishes, I'm no longer a teenager.”

While another suggested: “Can I just get a heart-shaped 10-pound chocolate. Possibly peanut butter filled. Or coconut.”

As well as heart-shaped jewellery, women have also confirmed they don’t want beauty gift packs made up of tiny bottles of moisturiser, body soap and perfume.

And these savvy parents swear by the Christmas ‘four-gift rule’ which saves them time AND money.

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