Well if you're guilty of the common household hang-up then one woman's game-changing cleaning hack is about to come to the rescue of your window sills…

Writing on a Mrs Hinch Facebook fan page, mum Leah Muirhead posted a video clip of the state of the mildew-stained windows in her bedroom.

Asking her fellow 86,000 followers "not to judge" her, Leah said: "I don't even know where this mould came from! But I'm glad it's gone."

There Herefordshire mum then revealed that an affordable Mould Cleaner by cleaning brand Astonish had gotten rid of the mildew in matter of MINUTES.

And better still, you can even pick up the miracle spray in Poundland. Sold.

Giving her fellow followers a step-by-step guide, Leah added: "I sprayed it on the area then left it for 3-4 minutes with the windows open then wiped away with warm water."

Unsurprisingly, members of the cleaning group were blown away by the results – and were desperate to know what product she had used.

One user replied: "My windows are horrible at the moment. What did you use?"

Another added: "I was shocked to find my windows like this today too! Will definitely be opening the windows on a daily basis from now on."

  • Astonish Mould and Mildew Blaster, £1 from The Range – buy now

Meanwhile a long-term fan of the Astonish spray wrote: "I've used this today, it's brilliant stuff."

And while there's no denying Leah's budget-friendly spray has worked miracles at getting rid of the mildew, other users recommended that she ventilate her home to avoid mould in future.

As mildew flourishes in damp conditions, one wellwisher wrote: "Just 30 minutes a day having the windows open is all you need to do! I do it whilst I do my daily 30 mins cleaning blitz then close it all once I'm finished."

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