A WOMAN was left red-faced when she finally reached her last length at the swimming baths – to be told she had a giant hole in the back of her costume and her “a**e was out”.

Jessica Robinson, 29, thought she’d “smashed it” after motivating herself to exercise.

But on her 30th length at Howe Bridge Leisure Centre in Atherton, Gtr Manchester, she was horrified when a woman stopped her and told her she had a rip in her costume.

When she reached round she discovered it was the whole of the back and her “a**e was bobbing up and down like a buoy”.

The stranger then had to keep behind her as Jessica climbed the ladder out of the water and quickly ran to the changing rooms last Sunday.

Alongside a picture of her wearing the costume over trousers to show the extent of the tear, she posted on Facebook: “So been swimming this morning.

“Nice and early thought ‘yes back on the ball’.

“Got to 24 lengths and thought smash It to 30 so I'm going for last length like a f****g jockey in National

“Gets to end and a woman says ‘excuse me love think your cozzie’s ripped’.

“I said no it’s just the dress part, I snagged it.

“She went ‘no the actual costume’.

“Reached round and all my arse is out. She’s been behind me for f**k knows how long and God knows who else.

“F****g goggles on the lot, with my arse bobbing up and down like a buoy.

“Big fat f***n arse doing breast stroke so legs are going like kermit and she’s had my kid tunnel staring at her all that time.

“I get home and everyone thinks it f*g hilarious. I wanted to die.

“Genuinely cyanide capsule dead.”

But undeterred Jessica got over her embarrassment by returning to the same pool just a few days later.

She added: “Do exercise they say, it’s good for you. It’s f*g not. I’m currently indoors with my sunglasses on.

“I went back and braved it all.

“I was thinking of buying a swimming cap and goggles to add a bit of a disguise but I faced the music.”

The post was shared over 400 times on social media and sparked a flurry of comments.

Abbie-Lou Beardsmore said: “I can’t breathe through laughing.

Kelly Watts posted: “This is the best post I’ve read. Hilarious! Bless you but your description had me howling.”

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