Why I Will Always Love the French Bikini Above All

Among exquisite pastries and Breton stripes, one of the greatest gifts France gave the world is the French bikini. Not only am I able to imagine myself lying out on a chaise lounge, poolside, at Hotel du Cap in Cap d’Antibes, but the classic swimwear style has more than enough functional and fit wins that it (often) doesn’t even matter if my reality is a rooftop on the upper east side of Manhattan. French bikinis are — mark my words — one of the few swimwear style that actually looks equally stellar on flat- and large-chested alike.

How, you ask? French bikinis perfectly bridge the gap between their string and their full-coverage sisters. With a triangle-inspired shape, it’s beloved by those less endowed on top for it’s unfussy and barely there silhouette. A French Bikini’s over-the-shoulder straps, however, allow the more skin-baring top to provide loads more support than a retro string bikini top, allowing girls with a more pronounced bustline an option that lies short of an underwire balconette style.

Frankly, once I discovered my first French bikini, I never looked back, and rarely do I swap out my growing collection for something in a different silhouette or shape. So, as you continue to build your own swimwear arsenal in anticipation of Summer, shop some of our favorite French bikini styles right here.

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