Strap on your proton pack, because Ghostbusters has collaborated with Reebok on two brilliantly apt sneakers. Introducing the Ghost Smashers and a take on the Classic Leather, this Ghostbusters collaboration brings everything you’d expect from the two icons coming together, with plenty of inspirations drawn from the 1980’s film that makes them look like originals.

There’s no doubt that the Ghost Smashers sneaker is the standout pair from the pack. It takes Reebok’s Alien Stomper silhouette — which was originally made for the Alien films — and turns it into a mid-top sneaker. From there, a “White/True Grey 8/Scarlet” colorway has been added to the leather uppers, with accessories, props, and motifs also dressing the pair.

Most notably among all the add-ons is the “Pump” branded green component on the heel, which is attached to the shoe by gray arms and green and blue wires. The Reebok logo on the mid-panel section is crossed out in a hazardous tape style, while the iconic Ghostbusters logo has been added onto the padded tongue. Reebok has even given the shoes a pre-worn finish that’s most notable on the midsole and outsole, and rounds out the vintage look with exposed foam coming out of the top of the tongue.

Joining the Ghost Smashers is the Classic Leather in “Modern Beige/Black/Blaze Yellow.” Similar elements appear all around, with the Ghostbusters logo adorning the tongue as a rubber tab and the hazardous print now gracing the heel of the midsole. The original Ghostbusters uniform name tag has informed Reebok’s branding on this pair, while the catchphrase “We’re ready to believe you” has been added to the heels in white embossing on black leather.

Take a look at the Ghostbusters x Reebok collaboration featuring the Ghost Smashers and Classic Leather in the gallery above. Both will drop on Reebok’s website on the spookily fitting date of October 31, with the Ghost Smashers costing $150 USD and the Classic Leathers just $100 USD.

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