THE Home Edit has taken over our screens (and lives) making us crave organised and pristine rooms at home. 

But the home transformation process need not set you back a fortune, and we’ve found some purse-friendly replicas of their very smart storage systems.

The hit Netflix show sees organising queens Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin fully transform celebrity and everyday houses. 

Their signature style is using clear boxes so items are colour-coordinated and ordered in a system that is easy to see. 

While John Lewis has the official collaboration line of boxes and organisers, you can pick up some very affordable replicas in bargain chains. 

Here’s how you can achieve The Home Edit look on a shoestring budget…

Cereal boxes

  • Cereal storage containers, £19.50 from John Lewis – buy now

Clear cereal storage, £3 from Matalan – buy now

If you don't fancy forking out the £19.50 for the official The Home Edit cereal box, then don't panic.

Matalan has a cheaper alternative for just £3 and it can also be used for pasta and rice too.

The three-litre box has an airtight lid which helps to keep food fresh as well as looking aesthetically pleasing.

Plastic containers

  • Plastic box, £8 from John Lewis – buy now

While the official John Lewis boxes may be £8 a pop, those on a budget should head to B&M who have some similar ones for £1.99.

A fan of the hit show spotted some clear boxes in the discount chain and uploaded a photo of them to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK. 

They wrote: “If anyone has just binge watched The Home Edit on Netflix like me… they have these fridge/freezer storage boxes available in wilko with 25% off and stackable ones in B&M for £1.99.”

Lazy Susan

  • Lazy Susan, £37.50 from John Lewis – buy now

  • Lazy Susan, £10.78 from Amazon – buy now

If you need a Lazy Susan to rotate your condiments, you could be tempted by John Lewis' £37.50 options.

However, there is a more purse-friendly alternative on Amazon if you'd prefer.

The £10.78 version can help to store bottles and jars neatly and won't cost a fortune.

Raised shelves

  • Three-tier shelf – £22 from John Lewis – buy now

  • Three-tier shelf – £3.37 from Wilko – buy now

If you have a cupboard where it is hard to reach items at the back, The Home Edit team would recommend tiered storage to help visibility.

John Lewis has a £22 option available, but there is a far less expensive version in Wilko if you are watching the pennis.

Wilko has a £3.37 version, which also has three tiers for storing produce.


  • Set of 18 stickers, £8 from John Lewis – buy now

  • Pantry labels, £1.99 from Amazon – buy now

If you really want to look the part, adding stickers to your boxes will help to transform your room.

While John Lewis has an £8 set of 18 stickers, you can also pick up some from Amazon.

These cost £1.99 and have 132 labels in the pack for all your food organisational needs.

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