ONCE upon a time, it was actually annoying to be asked for ID in the supermarket – but past the age of 30, it's a compliment.

According to a study, 90 per cent of women mentally see themselves as being younger than they are by a whopping 10 years and as we get older, we're more likely to fib about our age.

And it's not just for vanity reasons. In fact, a large proportion of us feel it could be holding us back in other areas, too.

Last month, Love Island's Elma Pazar, 26 admitted she fibbed about her age to bag a place on the reality show.

"I lied about my age on Love Island. I tell everyone I'm 23, it's a real issue," she told Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free on the Love Island Morning After podcast.

But Elma isn't alone.

We rounded up five different women who all lie about their age – not just because they can get away with it, but because in their opinion, it helps with everything from their careers to their sex lives!

Would you have been able to guess how old these ladies really are?

My man thought I was 35 before we slept together – but I'm 55

Kathleen Parker is a 55-year-old financial systems coordinator and mum from Norwich, Norfolk. 

She says:"Me and my daughter Kerri love going out, so when we hit the town we simply tell people we’re sisters and that I am 35 – and the men believe me.

"I'm currently dating a 39 year old who doesn't care I'm 55 – he thought I was much younger when we met but our age doesn't affect our great sex life.

"One of Kerri's ex-boyfriends who was 25 also hit on me once thinking I was 36 and her sister.

"Nothing happened of course but I felt flattered and when men compliment me like that it keeps me feeling sexy, fun and staves off old age!

“It allows me to take on a whole new persona as I leave my older 55-year-old self at home and be wild and ‘live young’ with my daughter/sister.

“I have great fun watching Love Island with Kerri.

“When I heard that Elma Pazar had told producers she was 23 not 26 to get on the show I thought ‘good for her’.

“She knew men on the show would consider her old at 26 so she had the confidence to pull off a younger age and went for it.

“I am a 55-year-old mum-of-three.

"However, I have spent my entire adult life slathering on face creams, wearing a high SPF factor sunscreen and making sure I looked good.

Blokes hit on me thinking I'm 35, I lie to keep them interested

“I have good genes and at 55 consider it an honour I can pass myself off for 35.

“I have a young personality, I am a genuinely happy person and I dress in all the youthful fashions.

“Put it all together and you can shave 15 years off your passport age.

“For me it makes me feel free and youthful.

“I believe age is simply a number – the number you feel on any day.

“People in their fifties often encounter ‘early senior citizen’ syndrome.

“You don’t want to feel like you need to have grey air, wear boring cardigans and look dowdy.

“You also don’t want people to assume you’re 55 and past it.

“I see lots of women who when they admit they’re 55 quickly qualify it with ‘but I feel like I’m 35.’

“Or tell people – ‘56 is the new 26’.

"I’d rather not have to do that.

"So telling the odd white age lie totally works for me."

I tell bosses I'm 22  to get the best jobs – I'm 35

Kerri Parker, 35, is a model and stunt double, from Norwich, Norfolk.

She says: “I started modelling at 20 after I gave up a career training to be a doctor in the army medical corp," explained Kerri.

“I was lucky enough to be offered work in Los Angeles and spent five years working there.

“Now I work as a model and a stunt double all over the world.

Why should I be aged out simply because my passport says I am 35? I can still pass for a twenty-something.

“The modelling and movie industry is obsessed with youthfulness.

“Many castings call for girls 25-or-under and I am 35.

“Why should I be aged out simply because my passport says I am 35? I can still pass for a twenty-something.

“I don’t see why I shouldn’t be considered simply because I have ‘aged out’ of that grouping.

“So, instead of having to beg for casting at 35 I simply tell casting directors I’m 22.

“No-one questions me. I am believed because that’s the age I feel and look.

“If that lie gets me through the door I don’t mind – we all know that on the day it’s how you look in front of the camera.

“I’m experienced so I have confidence and poise to turn a casting opportunity into paid work.

“I have gotten numerous jobs by saying I’m 22.

“Catwalk shows, swimwear, bikini modelling and even lingerie catalogue work.

Instead of having to beg for casting at 35 I simply tell casting directors I’m 22

“I understand why people lie or mislead people about their age – my mum Kathleen (above) does it too – we pretend we're sisters on a night out, so maybe that's where I get it from.

“In my industry you’re considered a has-been at 29 or 30.

“You feel like you have limited time to achieve success.

“There is nothing wrong with ‘age altering’ as I call it.

“If you’re lucky enough to regularly be mistaken for being younger than your physical age, take advantage of that.

“Everyone lies about their age at some time and if it gets me work and I get the chance to work with amazing film or model teams it’s worth it.”

I pretended to be 18 to get cast in Hollyoaks

Charlotte Thomas, 24, is a Events Management coordinator from Birkenhead, Merseryside. 

She says: 

“I am a realist. The reality television and soap opera market is highly competitive and people want young men and women.

“I hate walking into a casting and telling people I am 24 and getting the ‘well if you haven’t made it by now why are you even trying’ look!

“I’ve been asked by a number of casting agents why I haven’t got a recurring role – because at 24 I should have ‘cracked the market’.

“It’s shattering to my self-confidence and makes me feel miserable – so I now lie to land the gigs.

“Recently, 22-23 has started being listed as the ‘cut off age’ for actors on casting notices.

“People are constantly mistaking me for an 18 or 19-year-old in my everyday life – I regularly get asked for ID when I am buying a bottle or wine – so I decided I’d make my own opportunities.

I told Hollyoaks casting director I landed the role of a teenage extra

“If I see a casting asking for an 18 to 20-year-old woman and I fit the look, I will lower my age.

“With experience at stage school and having worked at Pontins for three seasons, I know once I’m ‘in the door’ I have what it takes to get the role.

“I also believe acting is all about making people believe you ‘are the character’ so if I can make people believe I am 18 or 19 then I am half way to getting the role.

“I had an audition with Hollyoaks last year for a part which called for an actor aged 16-19. I told them I was 18 and got through and ended up as a teenage extra!

“I understand why Elma fibbed. She simply wanted to make her dreams come true and frankly I couldn’t tell if she was 23 or 26.

“I know people get their breaks in the entertainment industry at different ages and I won’t allow a number to prevent me from finding success.”

People think I'm 40-year-old mum not a 52-year-old granny

Sophia Bovell, 52, is a grandmother-of-two and singer from Chippenham, Wiltshire.

She says: “When I was a child, anyone who was 52 or older seemed ancient.

“They sported grey hair, had walking sticks and wore ill-fitting cardigans, aprons and dresses.

“Times have changed and at 52 I feel like I am 40.

“When I am out taking my grandchildren, Oscar or Henry to the park people often assume I’m their mum – I don't correct them.

“I am currently single after being married and divorced twice but my age doesn't stop the men being interested – I just keep my age vague!"I dated a guy who was 23 for a year after telling him I was 39 when we met and it took me five months to tell him my real age – he was shocked but didn't care."Men constantly hit on me thinking I am in my thirties. It's an honour and feel super sexy with it."Telling guys you're younger gives you a better choice too so if that means lying about my age I don't care!"If I tell people blokes I'm 52 and the number of men interested drops dramatically but, tell them I'm 40, and they flock.

"I'd rather enjoy them flocking than flying away.

I tell people blokes I'm 52 and the number of men interested drops dramatically but, tell them I'm 40, and they flock.

“It’s fun to do and I have to admit it’s a nice ego boost when I am feeling lonely or exhausted.

“When I’ve known people for a while and am confident they won’t judge me I come clean that I'm actually a granny!

“They don’t believe me and ask to see my driver’s license. They tell me I don’t look or act my real age.

“I think Elma dropping three years off her at 26 wasn’t necessary.

“I want to tell her: 'Girl, wait until you’re my age and then worry. You’re a baby and got so many opportunities without having to lower your age now.'

“It is important to act how you feel. Smiling, exercising and eating healthy all keep you young and if you think an age and live that age you can pull it off.”

I tell people I'm still in my 40s to pass as a bridal model – I'm 50

Vanessa Powell, 50, is a model and mum-of-two from Coulsdon, Surrey.

She says: “I've always taken care of myself.

“Eating healthy, staying fit, always having fresh-faced makeup is important to me.

“I fell into ‘real life fashion’ modelling by accident.

“In 2007 a friend of mine was asked to do a fashion show but had to cancel. She suggested I do it instead.

“That was my first modelling job and since then I have done regular catalogue modelling, fashion shows, bridal fairs and shopping centre shows.

"Casting agents like that I am a size 12-14 and have a look and age that people can’t guess.

“When people compliment me and guess my age as 40 I don’t rush to correct them.

“I am mum to Jessica, 16 and Violet, 13 and when we’re out together people think I must be in my late thirties or around 40.

“If I know I can do a modelling job or a catwalk show and I’m older than the required age ‘on paper’, I have no problem with applying, sending my pictures in and simply not including my age.

“It’s a policy which works. I have modelled in shows with women half my age and recently in shows with 30-35 or 40-year-old age limits.

“In all those cases people thought I was the age of the other models.

I have modelled in shows with women half my age and recently in shows with 30-35 or 40-year-old age limits

“I am proud to say I am all natural. I haven’t had fillers or Botox or surgery.

“I think for a young girl like Elma to have to drop three years off her age at just 26 is a little worrying.

“There is virtually no difference between 23 and 26.

“As a mum I worry she felt so overwhelmed with stress about her looks she had to do that.

“When you’re older I understand it but when girls in their twenties feel forced to ‘be younger’ I just want to sit them down and tell them they are beautiful and to be more self-confident in their own selves.

“Don’t let people judge you on a number let them judge you on you, your personality and your beauty on the inside and the outside – whatever shape or size you are.”

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