Living there is incredible. I wake up at 7am to a chorus of lemurs, birds and tigers, then take a quick walk around the zoo – which my grandparents opened in the ‘70s – to make sure it’s ready for visitors and that our animals are happy.

We have over 1,200 animals and every single 
one of them feels like our extended family.

Growing up, we had 
this beautiful old tortoise who was so big and over 100 years old. 
Her name was Harriet and she felt like a grandmother to me.

I’ll always be grateful for the memories I have of Dad [Steve Irwin, AKA The Crocodile Hunter, who died in 2006].

Over the years, people I’ve met have shared their encounters with him and how he changed their lives. It’s amazing. The fact that I got eight wonderful years with him, and so many incredible memories, is very special to me.

Cups of tea are a staple in my life.

I’ll have one every morning with breakfast, which will be a brown rice and vegetable bowl. Then I’ll 
go wherever the zoo needs me most. I really enjoy lending a hand 
at the wildlife hospital, where I’ve helped with everything from echidna (which are a bit like hedgehogs) releases to sea turtle surgeries. On the business side of things, I’ll often attend marketing meetings and catch up with our retail department.

Spending time with animals is a must for me.

I love feeding 
the crocodiles, and just the other day I was with our new giraffe 
baby, Sophie. She loves to lean down and put her nose on my face 
– it really is the cutest thing ever!

Each animal has its own personality and a special importance on the planet. My hope through work is to shed light on the fact that all creatures need our respect, concern 
and protection.

I’m forever multitasking.

At lunch I’ll be tucking into some food, feeding our chickens, answering emails and drinking more tea, before getting back to work at 2pm.

As the working day ends, I’ll go on a 
hike through the Glass House Mountains nearby with my boyfriend, Chandler, and brother, Robert. It’s best at around 8pm as you can watch the sun set over the mountains.

My mum Terri is the strongest person I know.

We try to sit down as a family for dinner in the evenings, but everyone is always so busy! It’s amazing to run the zoo together, and we’ve dedicated our lives 
to continuing Dad’s important work. I’ll do a final walk through the grounds with my brother to check the animals are safe and sound, before heading to bed at 10.30pm.

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