But that's not always the case, as one Reddit user revealed in a hilarious post over the weekend.

The Redditor – who goes by the name Schroderrr – shared a mind-bending photo of a 99 cent store yesterday, presumably in the US.

On the shop's front, the name "99¢ Power" can be seen in huge lit-up letters.

But there's a catch – underneath this are the words: "Every item 99¢ and up or less."

As Schroderrr pointed out, this basically means that goods can be any price. Right.

Unsurprisingly, the snap sparked quite a reaction among other Reddit users.

One joked: "All items guaranteed to have a price," while another moaned: "This hurts my brain."

Others shared stories of similar retailers where they live.

These included: "There's a store by my work that is called Mattress Sale. There is no sale whatsoever. Its just called Mattress Sale," and: "There's a store in my neighbourhood called 79 cent, 89 cent, 99 cent and more."

Another person wrote: "Even worse… I went to a store today. Big sales. On every clothing rack, you had a sign: 'SALE 4.99 or more!'

"So basically you can have a $20,000 overpriced T-shirt in there and it would still be true."

The mind boggles.

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