Well hold on to your festive hats, because YOU CAN!


  • Body On Demand Mulled Wine Bath Salts, £10, buy now

Just when we thought Christmas couldn't get any better, the clever folks at Body On Demand have released Limited Edition Christmas versions of their classic bath salts coming in mulled wine and Prosecco flavours.

The salts claim to reduce bloating and rid your skin of excess water retention by up to three pounds in just a single 20-minute bath.

Celebrity fans of the brand include Love Island’s Stephanie Lam, Made in Chelsea’s Tiffany Watson and body-confidence advocate Chessie King, who says she loves using the product before a big event where she has to wear a 'super huggy' dress – and claims the effects can last up to 48 hours.

On seeing the new mulled wine flavour on Instagram Chessie commented: "YUMMMMMMM I CANNOT WAAAAIT TO TRY THESE" and she wasn’t the only fan to get excited!

One user wrote: "This is my dream I can literally BATHE in mulled wine,"’ while another said "These look incredible".

Wondering how it works? Well…

"The unique bath salts utilise your body's natural diffusion process when submerged in hot water, driving out sweat and toxins with a powerful blend of botanical extracts and advanced ionic compounds” BOD, advises.

  • Body On Demand Prosecco Bath Salts, £10, buy now

Grape seed oil and red wine, both powerful antioxidants, get to work in the mulled wine variety to help to brighten tired-looking skin, whilst cinnamon and clove have been known to help calm body & mind.

Plus there’s an added subtle shimmer to get your pins party ready.

The Prosecco salts boast a sparkling, delicate floral, fruity fragrance with hints of lemongrass.

Sticking true to their namesake, the formula is packed full of fizzing bubbles that will deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin and gold flakes to create a truly luxurious experience.

For the best results, the brand recommends adding the whole pack into a  hot 37-39 degree bath, so be ready to sweat and let the salts do the work.

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