There’s a Christmas sex position called the Sprout and it looks ideal for some yuletide bedroom action.

Gone are the days of disliking the small green vegetable, as the Sprout sex position is driving couples wild.

Give your partner the ultimate Christmas present by adding this move to your bedroom repertoire tonight.

To get into position, the man lies on his back with his legs slightly bent, with the woman sitting on him facing away from him.

She leans one hand down on his chest and the other on his leg for support, and positions herself so she is either side of his left leg.

According to Sex Positions Club: “This position will unconditionally interest those men who like watching the process.”

And the best part of the Sprout position is that the move guarentees deep penetration.

To take it to the next level, the woman can also use their free hands to explore their own or their partner’s body to heighten the tension.

And for even more excitement, why not add lube into the mix?

Let the sprout-themed pleasure begin!

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