WITH the cold weather set in and the festive spirit in the air, it's about that time of year we watch our favourite Christmas movies.

Watching from the comfort of your own home might be a blessing for many, but have you ever dreamt of living in one of the homes featured in the films?

Well, if you did have your eye on one of the beautiful festive pads, then you'd better start saving (or continue dreaming) because they're bound to send you broke.

From Walter Hobbs’ apartment in the family-classic Elf, to Rob McCallister New York townhouse in Home Alone 2 – these famous festive homes are worth an absolute mint.

Tombola revealed the average house prices for the homes in the UK’s favourite Christmas films and the most expensive Buddy's dad's New York pad which is today worth an estimated £19m.

Coming in second, but nowhere near the staggering £19m mark is Kevin’s uncle’s townhouse in Home Alone 2.

According to the research, Rob McCallister’s home costs an average of £7.9 million – that's £6 million more than the iconic McCallister house from the first film. 

What might be surprising is that the McCallister mansion in the first Home Alone flick hasn't increased much in value at all since 1990 when the film was made.

In 2016, the McCallisters' Chicago mansion was worth £1,571,521, and £1,562,148 in 1990 – and today has a value of £1,582,859.

Even Juliet (Keira Knightley) and Peter’s (Chiwetel Ejiofor) London home from Love Actually – right in the heart of Notting Hill -is more expensive than the famous McCallister house and is worth just over £2m.

Meanwhile, Jaimie's (played by Colin Firth) Chiswick flat which he shares with his girlfriend scrapes in a little higher in terms of value and will set you back just over £2.6m.

If Iris' fairy-tale Surrey cottage in The Holiday is more your cup of tea, then you'll be looking at dropping an estimated £994,214 if you want it to be yours.

This is the beautiful country hideaway Kate Winslet lends to Cameron Diaz, which was worth just under £500k when the film came out in 2006.

Iris swapped her quaint cottage for Amanda's huge Californian mansion which will cost a huge £7.7m if you were to buy it.

How much are these famous Christmas film homes worth?

  • Walter Hobbs apartment (Elf) – $25m (£19m)
  • Rob McCallister New York townhouse (Home Alone 2) – $10,389,095 (£7,903,555)
  • Amanda's home (The Holiday)- $10,114,418 (£7,694,594)
  • Jamie's home (Love Actually) – $3,484,205 (£2,650,627)
  • The Griswold Residence (National Lampoon) – $2,782,200 (£2,116,572)
  • Juliet and Peter's home (Love Actually) – $2,631,523 (£2,001,945)
  • McCallister House (Home Alone) – $2,080,643 (£1,582,859)
  • Scott's home (The Santa Clause) – $2m (£1,521,510)
  • Iris' home (The Holiday) – $1,306,878 (£994,214)
  • Mark's home (Love Actually)- $1,036,930 (£788,850)
  • Natalie's parent’s house (Love Actually) – $928,560 (£706,407)

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