TESCO is selling a toadstool bubble machine your kids will love – and it's been reduced to just £8.

Mums are going wild for the toy on Facebook, with one gushing: "It's the best one we've had yet."

Another lady said: "I got my daughter's one and it is fab, definitely the best bubble machine I've bought".

With park playgrounds still shut, a bubble machine is the perfect garden toy to keep your kids entertained during lockdown.

The machine so popular it has already sold out online, but mums have confirmed you can still pick one up in supermarkets.

So it may be worth checking Tesco during your weekly shop.

A post about the bubble machine, on Facebook's Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, racked up 1,600 likes and 1,400 comments in just a few short hours.

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