Selena Gomez Just Gave the Power Suit a Millennial Refresh, and Yeah, I Just Found My New Uniform

If you immediately picture any one of Tess McGill’s shoulder-padded sharp skirt suits when I say the words “power suit”, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to scare you. When I saw Selena Gomez hit the stage at WE Day California wearing this Chloé 2019 Resort look, I thought, Now that’s a power suit I can get behind. Yes, the jacket is pinstriped, but not in a directly “ladies from the ’80s” or Wolf of Wall Street kind of way. It’s an oversize, relaxed fit — business casual, if you will. That, and it’s paired with a crew-neck t-shirt and mismatched trousers, so it screams fashionable boss-lady without screaming “boardroom”. (Because, frankly, we’re bosses wherever we show up — in and out of the office.)

On that note, that’s exactly where I plan to wear this look, both at my desk and maybe running errands or grabbing dinner with friends, because a suit this good deserves a lot of extra airtime. The outfit is ideal for dressing up, as Selena did, with heels, though I’m inclined to wear it just as often dressed down with Nikes. It’s endlessly more versatile. The kind of suit Tess could have worn easily with her commuter shoes and not even worried about bringing those “desk shoes” with her. Am I right?

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