Sandra Bullock seems to have stopped aging just before she turned 30. She’s now 54 and looks as youthful as she did in her 20’s. We’ve got the pics of her rocking a gorgeous one shoulder gown at the premiere of her film ‘Bird Box.’

Can we drink from whatever fountain of youth Sandra Bullock has access to? The Oscar-winning actress is 54-years-old but you would never know she’s past her 30’s from her perfect skin and tight body. The stunning brunette attended the European premiere of her new film Bird Box in Berlin on Nov. 27 wearing a custom Alberta Ferretti one-shoulder mint green tulle gown with beaded embellishments. The beading got more detailed around Sandra’s trim waist, while her left arm and shoulder showed that she still loves a good workout as she has firm muscle tone. That’s a pretty major feat for someone nearing their mid 50’s. Then again at 50 Sandra took home the title of People‘s Most Beautiful Woman so she’s made aging look like a youthful breeze.

Sandra’s face is as gorgeous and timeless as ever. She had nary a wrinkle and wore her long dark tresses pulled back in a loose ponytail with dangling tendrils on the side. The Proposal star rocked a dark smokey eye while her lips and cheek had rosy gloss and blush. If she’s looking this amazing just to start the promotional tour for the movie in Europe, imagine the level of glamour she’ll have by the time she gets to the U.S.

Her new film looks scary! In Bird Box a mysterious entity causes people’s deepest fears to be manifested and as a result they end up killing themselves after seeing the being. She bands together with some other survivors and must hide in darkened houses and cars to keep away from witnessing it. When that fails, Sandra’s character of Malorie blindfolds herself and her two children and flees into a forest, down rivers, anywhere to keep them safe from the entity and prevent them from seeing it, which would result in death. It hits theaters on Dec. 21.

It will be the second theatrical release for Sandra this year after her all-female heist thriller Ocean’s Eight. It’s such a welcome return for the beloved actress, who took a hiatus from films between 2015-2018 to spend more time with her two young children Louis, 8, and Laila, 6.  She’s also been dating hunky photographer Bryan Randall ever since 2015 so it was a wonderful time to step away from Hollywood and enjoy real life with her boyfriend and kids. But we’re SO glad she’s back on screen and Bird Box looks like a great thriller.

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