TRYING to keep your children entertained for a whole six weeks every summer is a struggle parents are all too familiar with.

Well to stop your kids turning into full-time coach potatoes this summer, Sainsbury's has launched their own holiday childcare club for just £7.50 a day – and that bargain price includes the cost of a healthy lunch.

Launching in 70 locations across England and Wales this summer, the Active Kids holiday clubs are designed to get children outdoors and away from their computer screens during the day.

Along with tennis, gymnastics, and dodgeball, children will also get to try their hand at performing arts, circus skills and arts and crafts.

And in order to help children grow in confidence as well as make some new pals, the Active clubs have been grouped into school years.

What's more, the club costs only £7.50 per day for one child a day and includes a sandwich, soft drink, snack and piece of fruit.

Better still, the Active Kids club also gives parents plenty of flexibility in how you can book how ever many sessions you like in advance.

The clubs run from 9am-4pm every day which allows parents to factor this super affordable childcare around their working hours.

Fancy signing up? You can book Sainsbury's Active Kids Club sessions here.

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