NOV 23 – DEC 21

You can forgive and forget and reboot relationships – if that’s what you want. 

This time round, it must be your decision, and Venus supports you 100% in whatever you do. 

As Mercury takes charge in your cash sector,  you can spend and save so smartly, and sharing advice with others wakes up a secret skill. 

Luck links to a silver circle on a blue door.

FESTIVE LUCK FINDERS:  A couple wearing matching hats or scarves. 

Some outdoor food and  a celebration message that includes an animal video.

YOUR ZODIAC GIFT:  You see the true personality behind some shy or hesitant eyes.

You have gentle kindness and encouragement to help anyone fulfil deep potential.

STAR SELECTION BOX:  CHOOSE between two invites, if you know you can’t do them both.   

LISTEN to a voicemail again, to hear an unspoken question.

WALK when and where you can, and breath deeper and slower.

JUPITER JINGLE:  Wow – your ruler Jupiter makes you even more chatty, even more sociable! 

You’re a star at saying it like it is, and asking tricky questions – and by the end of the year this can put you on a special screen. 

Yes, a writing idea has legs – this is your time to start testing your concept.

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