After spotting the "plant-based capsules" in a Northern Ireland branch of Poundland, the 30-year-old influencer labelled the Appetite Suppressants "extremely dangerous" and demanded the budget retailer remove them from shelves.

Taking to Twitter to share her frustration with her 11,800 followers, Felicity wrote: "Hello Poundland, are you aware of the health issues surrounding selling appetite suppressant products in your store?

"Telling people they need to take a pill for them to stop being hungry!?"

Criticising the accessibility of the Appetite Suppressants, Felicity added: "You are endorsing eating disorders and selling them at a price that is extremely dangerous."

Labelled as a "plant-based food supplement" which "supports safe weight loss", the Appetite Suppressant pills can be purchased by those over the age of 18 for just £1.

Unsurprisingly, Felicity's followers rallied around the size 20 model in her campaign to have the appetite suppressants removed from stores.

Tweeting Poundland directly, one user responded: "This is really disgraceful. At that price kids and teenagers will be able to buy them without anyone knowing. Pull these immediately!"

Another added: "Hey Poundland, get these off the shelf and into the bin where they belong right away please! This is dangerous and ignorant having them on sale."

Meanwhile, others highlighted how "children could afford" to buy these pills with "their pocket money."

Drawing on her own experience with eating disorders, Jeremy Clarkson's daughter Emily added: "I would have used all of teenage pounds on these products and I HATE that.

"Please Poundland, pull these products. Stop encouraging incredibly dangerous behaviour from desperate and impressionable girls.

"I've been one of them, I know how easy it is to be tempted by this."

However, this isn't the first time Poundland has been slammed online for selling the controversial capsules.

Last August, the retailer was criticised for selling the exact same appetite suppressants by podcast host Bethany Rutter.

In response to this new wave of criticism, a spokesperson for Poundland said: "Nothing's changed since we last responded to this.

"These come from a reputable supplier called Forza. They're on sale in a range of retailers including Boots, Tesco & Superdrug.

"Here at Poundland we always merchandise them of higher shelves with an age restriction of 18 and over."

Unimpressed with this response, Felicity added: "So rather than realising the severe mental damage you could do with this product you just share the blame with other retailers?"

A spokesperson for Forza Supplements – the makers of Poundland's Appetite Suppressant – added: "The product supports safe weight loss and its active ingredient is glucomannan, which is clinically proven by the European Food Safety Authority to aid weight loss and is backed by 20 years of clinical studies."

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