So we were all ears when we heard that Philips is selling a fabric shaver that promises to bring your winter warmers back to life.

  • Fabric shaver, £10 from Philips – buy now

According to its description, the device "quickly and easily removes fabric pills and bobbles from all types of garments".

It has three heads to "tackle all sizes of bobbles" and an adjustable height to ensure delicate pieces don't get damaged.

It's currently reduced from £30 to £10, so now is the perfect time to snap one up.

Over on Amazon, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

One shopper wrote: "I had a favourite, expensive jumper that was riddled with bobbles, and really only ready for the bin but I couldn't bear chucking it, so I thought I would try a lint shaver.

"Although I had to go over each area a few times, and in alternative directions, it came up like new!"

Another said: "Had tried these things before and was never impressed, this however is brilliant!

"Really quick as well, no need to keep going over and over. Highly recommend!"

Some have used it on their furniture, with one message reading: "This is fantastic – we have two lovely Multi York sofas, and some cushions, which had all gone very bobbly.

"I've used this and they all look brand new!"

Buyers have also been sharing their before and after photos, with one featuring an extremely bobbly brown jumper transformed into a nearly-new piece.

A shot of a pair of camo-print bottoms halfway through the de-bobbling process shows just how much of a difference the product makes.

It's far cheaper than buying a whole new winter wardrobe, eh?

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