PEOPLE have slammed “tacky" over-decorated Christmas trees that have been proudly shared on social media.

UK retailer Taskers took to Instagram to share their latest “dream” Christmas collection, which include an array of Christmas baubles, bows and ribbons.

However, Twitter users have blasted the store’s customers for going way too overboard on their festive creations. 

Twitter user @harrisonjbrock posted a few photos from Taskers’ Instagram page. 

It showed their customers’ Christmas tree set-up, with the caption: “Well it’s that time of year again where the people who shop at Taskers ruin Christmas with their chaotic trees.” 

One photo shows a tree completely covered in red and white baubles and candy cane decorations, finished off with a two-metre long fabric and a pair of red and white Christmas stockings at the top.

Another tree is adorned with roses, gold, green and silver baubles with a large flower display, bow and pair of ice skates. 

Meanwhile, one stacked with pink fabric ribbons, butterflies, unicorn toys, and flowers all over its bodice. 

Dozens of users were quick to side with the poster, commenting on how "disgusted” they were by the excessive ornaments. 

Commenting on the trees, one user said: “Omg that second one with the ice skates looks like the meme of that old blonde woman wearing a fur trimmed silver Santa coat. 

“Please tell me u know what I mean and have it.” 

Another added: “I’m mentally processing the ice skates wow.” 

One mentioned: “Every one of these needs burning to the ground.” 

Meanwhile, another said: "Less is more people. LESS IS MORE.”

One said: “These all look like Doctor Who monsters that would suddenly get up and start trying to dismember you with a circular saw or something.”

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