But these people probably had to double check their receipt, after receiving goods which look nothing like what was advertised online.

From ill-fitting frocks to chairs meant for a doll’s house, this lot probably wish they'd headed to the high street instead, or that the company at least has a returns policy.

It goes to show you never quite know what you’re getting when shopping online, and what looks good on the model doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good on you.

For some of these people (tent guy, we’re looking at you) we hope you had a back-up plan.

And next time you’re online shopping, make sure you read the fine print.

All white

Thigh's the limit

Flower power

Dress down

Check mate

Tall order

The internet strikes back

Spooning session

Mugged off

Phone home

High and dry

Shoe down

No idea

Slippery customer

What a mug

Gnome way

If that gallery wasn’t enough to put you off shopping online, check out these looks which will never make it to the catwalk.

And another shopping disaster left this woman with a dress that exposed her knickers.

But fear not, as there are some gems out there – in the form of these microwavable slipper boots.


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