But, in classic British mickey-taking fashion, people have been poking fun at their friends and family by writing their own messages on the peels – sending messages like "you are bald" and "you are ginger".

The Duchess of Sussex, 37, scribbled the fruity messages of support during a visit to the West Country on Friday – copying the idea from a dinner lady who penned positive notes to US schoolkids.

A quick scroll through social media shows dozens of doting mums doing the same thing, leaving 'taking nanas' with positive message in their kids' packed lunches.

But there are also those who have added a pinch of sarcasm to Meghan's well-meaning gesture.

One Instagram snap shows a banana labelled "NOT ENDORSED BY ROYALTY", while another half-peeled fruit has "save me" written on the side.

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Others have penned 'inspirational' scrawls like "John was here" and "eat me ya big stud", in an attempt to a-peel to their partner's sense of humour.

While one Devon shop posted a pic of a man in a giant cow suit carrying a "St James dairy" banana, explaining: "Meghan gave us an idea".

Another mum has got creative with the contents of her fruit bowl, writing messages like "Don't slip on me!", "make like a banana and split" and "apples are so last year" on her bananas.

Meghan split opinion with the Sharpie notes. One of the sex workers they were aimed at branded the messages "offensive".

While Piers Morgan slammed the "privileged" duchess for the sweet gesture, saying she should try "hanging out with them at night".

And one royal commentator dismissed the move as "patronising", saying Meghan should have "taken a leaf out of Princess Diana's book" and visited the sex workers in secret.

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