LOOKING for something sweet to tuck into for Bake Off? Then savvy home bakers are here to help.

One three-ingredient cake recipe emerged as one of the most popular to make in quarantine -and all you need is flour, condensed milk and chocolate chips. 

Budding bakers are whipping up this cake in their slow-cookers, which also cuts down on the amount of washing up. 

One amateur chef uploaded snaps of a delicious-looking cake to Facebook group Crockpot/Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips, sharing their step-by-step method.

They wrote: “Just pulled this out the slow cooker smells amazing. 

“Looking forward to a slab with custard later on.”

After hundreds of people liked the post and called for the recipe, they later added: “2.5 cups flour (self raising). 1 can condensed milk. 

“Good hand full choc chips. 2.5 hours on high.”

Nearly 400 people have commented on the post, noting how good the bake looked. 

One person said: “Looks delicious.”

Another wrote: “Making this tomorrow!”

A third commented: “I’d eat a piece tight now, it looks delicious.”

Agreeing, someone else added: “This looks yummy!”

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Plus mums who’ve run out of pasta after stockpilers cleared shelves are making their own.

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