PEOPLE have been cashing in on the recent season of The Crown to flog memorabilia linked to Princess Diana – including selling some of her hair. 

Searches for items connected to the late People’s Princess  are said to have sky-rocketed on eBay in recent weeks. 

This has followed season four of the Netflix hit series The Crown featuring Diana and her unhappy marriage to Prince Charles for the first time. 

Since it debuted, eBay has reported a 73 per cent increase in searches for “Princess Diana”. 

And it seems opportunist people are flogging anything remotely connected to the beloved icon, from clothing items she wore to an old piece of her wedding cake. 

Here are some of the wacky and unsettling items on offer…

Diana’s hair

Back in October, a US dealer caused a stir when he sold strands of her hair for nearly £300. 

In order to prove the hair really belonged to Diana, he had 10 pages of documents to show the authenticity. 

Diana is said to have taped her hair inside a book, with the inscription “My Lock, Diana 1995.”

The book wasn’t included in the sale. 

Nibbled wedding cake

Another rather personal item on sale is a piece of partly nibbled fruitcake from Charles and Diana’s wedding cake. 

After they tied the knot in July 1981, the couple donated the top tier of the cake to the Duchy of Cornwall estate office in South London. 

Now a daughter of a staff member is flogging a slice, which features the original cream cheese frosting and a rose of yellow icing for £180. 

Sadly the cake is not edible. 

Funeral booklet

One of the more macabre items on offer is an “ultra-rare original’ order of service for Princess Diana’s funeral in September 1997.”

This booklet was given to people who attended the Westminster Abbey service. 

According to the eBay listing, the pamphlet is a piece of history that should be “treasured, revered and remembered.”

It is currently on sale for £4,500, and copies cost £30. 

Wedding invite 

You can also own an invite to the ill-fated wedding of Charles and Diana. 

The listing includes tickets to St Paul’s Cathedral, an order of service and even car park passes. 

The invite was originally sent to Mr T. Langley and his wife, who are friends of Prince Charles. 

You can walk away with the pack for £1,999.95.

Diana’s dress

A white Andre Van Pier shift dress that previously belonged to Diana could be yours for a cool price of £11,340. 

It was previously on display in a Connecticut museum but is being flogged for the “conservative price.”

The gown has puffed sleeves and a gold collar and comes with a letter of authenticity. 

The ‘shame bike’

You can now purchase an actual bike that belonged to Princess Diana, which was dubbed her “Shame Bike”. 

The newly-engaged Diana was pictured cycling round Kensington on a blue Raleigh Traveller bicycle – with people saying it wasn’t regal enough for a future Queen. 

The bike is now on sale for a whopping £20,000, which is double what it sold for two years ago.

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