But now Meghan Markle is being criticised by royal commentators who believe she should have "taken a leaf out of Princess Diana's book" in her approach to charity work.

The Duchess of Sussex – who is expecting her first child in spring – scribbled messages of support for sex workers on the fruit while visiting One25's Bristol headquarter's with Prince Harry.

Meghan wrote messages such as “you are brave” and “you are strong” on fruit distributed to prostitutes around Bristol.

However, one of the sex workers has since branded Meghan's gesture "offensive" while Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan accused the Duchess of being "patronising".

In response to Piers' comments, one royal expert now claims the former Suits actress should have "taken a leaf out of Diana's book" instead.

Appearing on the Australian morning show Sunrise, royal expert Ryan Phelan said: "It is patronising. She has the best intentions in de-stigmatising the sex industry.

"But then she has done something patronising which I think has undone that."

Insisting that Meghan take inspiration from her charitable mother-in-law, the commentator continued: "She should have taken a leaf out of Diana's book, who did do a lot with sex workers.

"She would go out in the middle of the night, when there were no cameras and lift their spirits in that way."

Ryan concluded: "Putting a mantra on a banana? Please."

However, another panellist on Sunrise jumped to Meghan's defence and added: "Oh poor Meghan, she  just can't do anything right, can she?

"She tries to do the right thing, she tries to do something positive and then they just bring her straight back down."

According to Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell, the late Royal was on a first-name basis with several prostitutes around Paddington station in London and would give them £50 notes.

In a sensational statement to the police following the theft of more than 300 of Princess Diana's personal possessions, the butler claimed: "[Diana] would give them money, especially when it was cold and wet, and tell them to go home.

"I saw her give £50 notes to them on the condition that they went home and stopped working."

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