Previously all parents had to go on was photos of the men as children.

The world’s largest sperm bank, Danish company Cryos, is offering the gallery of current photos for £220 (€250) – a world first.

Due to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations, the photos are behind a paywall.

Despite the cost, Cyros’ CEO, Peter Reeslev, said interest was booming among Brits.

Peter revealed: “There has been a lot of interest in the donor adult photos from the UK.

“It is by far the European country with the greatest number of people who have paid to access the images on our website.

“We had expected a gradual take-up of our new initiative because of the paywall, but we are very pleased with the interest it's had.”

And it’s not just photos which Cyros provides, but audio clips, handwriting samples, family trees, first impressions from staff and emotional intelligence tests.

The in-depth information of donors has seen interest from the UK soar, with Peter adding that more single women and same-sex couples have signed up.

Singletons currently make up half to Cyros’ customers from the UK, while 15 per cent are same-sex couples, and 15 per cent are heterosexual couples.

He said: "Interest in our extended profiles with additional personal donor information is growing, especially among singles and same-sex couples.

“The adult photo helps them replicate the natural selection mechanism.

“That means it is easier for them to tell whether there is a match between them and the donor, and whether he really is a man they would like in the real world.”

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