AN Aussie mum's Christmas hack was ridiculed by internet users as 'pointless.'

The crafty mother-of-five posted her solution to 'paper cuts and over priced wrapping' to a Facebook page and it was met with mixed reviews.

The anonymous mum shared the helpful hack that she's "passionate about" to the Kmart Home & Hacks Facebook page – and essentially all it involved was putting presents in plastic boxes.

She enthusiastically wrote: “[I] will use these spray painted storage containers from Kmart for all my children for ALL events where they receive gifts."

She continued: “I encourage everyone to do the same!

"Let’s end the paper cuts and over priced wrapping that has a single use! Let’s do the best for ourselves and put gifts into a large storage box for them to sift through!”

But her simple solution was not received as well as she may have hoped.

Many deemed it "pointless," while others felt that it "takes away the magic" of unwrapping presents for their children.

One unenthusiastic group member pointed out that "Santa doesn't have a warehouse full of stackable tubs."

And another agreed that the "Whole reason for kids' excitement starts with unwrapping gifts, not taking the lid off a box. We can’t be kill joys for everything guys."

One even went so far as to accuse her of "trying to ruin Christmas."

While others adopted a more pragmatic approach, offering other resourceful ways to wrap their gifts.

Santa doesn't have a warehouse full of stackable tubs

Some suggested using Santa sacks as a sustainable, yet festive alternative.

And others pointed out that recycled and recyclable wrapping paper is available to buy.

Although some were a bit more receptive of the hack, acknowledging that it's "a great idea for saving on waste," but only for more grown-up children who have grown out of the novelty of unwrapping presents.

But still resolute in her household's policy, the mum defended her idea in an edit of her original post, writing: “We had a lot of fun as a large family decorating them and will continue to use them for all gifting events.

"And then, when they aren’t being used for events they’ll go back to their original use as storage for my children’s old clothes to hand down or linen that isn’t used often enough to stop moth balls."

Acknowledging it wasn't everyone's cup of tea, she said: “Thank you for all the comments of ideas and enthusiasm for the idea I put forward.

"The positives out way the negatives in this household and we are all excited to open them up and see what’s inside.”

Well the hack certainly gives a whole new dimension to Boxing Day!

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