A CRAFTY mum has impressed the internet after she ‘invented’ a Christmas tree tepee – which you can crawl inside.

She re-purposed a camouflaged tepee she got from a school, and turned it into a festive showstopper.

She shared snaps of her magical creation to Facebook – where it’s since been shared a staggering 77,000 times.

The tree is hollow on the inside which gives kids a den to hide in – or is the perfect place to stash all your gifts.

Sharing her strep-by-step transformation online, she said: “How do you guys like my newest invention, my Christmas Tree-Pee?”

Revealing how she made it, first she pinned the edges of the tepee back to open up the space.

Then she stapled some Christmas tree branches from a broken tree onto the wooden frame.

She continued: “Added branches by twisting them to each other.

“Filled In with smaller tree pieces to make it look rounder.”

Then came the finishing touches, with the mum adding a white fluffy rug underneath the tree and stringing fairy lights around it.

She topped it off with bow, and added “non-breakable” ornaments.

She added: “It's perfect for kids to play in because nothing on the tree can be broken.

“But you can hide all of your gifts inside.”

Thousands of people have praised her incredible design calling her a “genius”, with people dubbing the creation a 'tree-pee'.

One person said: “This is the tree I want in our house.”

Another wrote: “This is brilliant.”

A third commented: “How awesome is this?!”

This person raved: “You're a COMPLETE genius. Did you come up with this?

"But what else could it be called. I guess … tree-pee describes it best."

Somebody else thought: “It's a real treehouse!”

Another person said: “This is probably one of the more brilliant things I've ever seen.”

And somebody else added: “You guys are unbelievably creative!!! Amazing and fun for the kids!!!”

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