A MUM decided to prank her husband by swapping theirbaby for a doll, to see if he would notice while engrossed in his video games.

Kristy Scott, who shares videos on YouTube with her partner Desmond, said he's "never aware of what is going on around him" when he plays, so she wanted to test her theory.

And she was proven right as it took him a whole 20 minutes to notice that the baby he was holding was in fact a realistic doll.

Kristy had bought it online and dressed it in her son's clothes, even wrapping it in a blanket and hat before passing it to Desmond.

She waited until he was distracted by the game before asking him to look after their son for a while, to which he (possibly unknowingly) obliged.

After the fake baby was placed on his lap he continued to look at the screen without even looking down.

It wasn't until 20 minutes later when Kristy struck up conversation with him that he realised, and was left stunned by what had happened.

Kristy asked Desmond: "Babe, are you still good? Look down at your son."

And only then did he look down for the first time, instantly realising he was holding an imposter and not his actual son.

He burst into a fit of laughter realising he'd fallen for the prank, and asked Kristy: "Nah, are you for real? Whose child is that?" and throwing the doll onto a sofa.

The clip has now racked up more than one million views, with many finding the situation hilarious.

One person suggested: "You should of walked in with your real baby and talked to him while he's still holding the fake baby."

And a second admitted: "Lmao I watched this over and over!! His reaction was hilarious."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "I'm literally crying right now."

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