The woman said she was cross after her daughter informed her she needed to buy a bra following comments from a teacher.

She took to Mumsnet to ask if the teacher had stepped out of line.

She said: “DD [darling daughter] came to me last night saying that she needed a sports bra or crop top for PE in the future as the teacher had told this to a group of girls who had been doing gymnastics and their t-shirts had fallen down when doing handstands.
“I can only assume this is to cover up their 9 year old nipples for fear of………..what exactly?
“Are the boys to cover their nipples also?

“AIBU [am I being unreasonable] to be cross about this?

“I can understand it being reasonable at 9 for girls who have started growing breasts.

“But again none of these girls who were told to cover up have.

“If that was the case surely the way to go about it would be to have a discreet word with that child's parents rather than a blanket rule for all.

“Now my DD [darling daughter] thinks she has to cover up her non existent breasts.”

People’s reactions have been mixed, with some people arguing some girls may be beginning to develop at that age.

One person said: “Some of them are easily a C cup at that age.

“So possibly general comment rather than embarrassing individuals.”

Another said: “It's fair enough rather than singling put some girls. Lots of girls enter puberty at that age.”

A third woman said: “I needed a bra at 9. Better the teacher encourages all of them to wear one than single out that one girl who knows she's drawn the short straw by being first to develop.”

But this person said: “You need to tell the teacher to concentrate on her job and leave the parenting to the parents.”

Agreeing, this person said: “Cannot believe people think this is within the teacher’s remit!
“Surely an easier solution would be 'T-shirts tucked in for PE' across the board.”

And this person said: “Should the teacher have said something?

“I'm unsure either way, I think it depends on their reasoning why.”

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