A MUM created her very own petting zoo in her back garden after her daughter’s birthday trip to the farm was cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Taking to the Facebook group, Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK, she shared snaps of the creation for the tot’s 3rd birthday.

Short of live farm animals, the mum created her own, using pink balloons as piglets and feather boas as chickens.

Captioning her snaps she wrote: “So we were going to the farm for my daughter's 3rd birthday (obvs cancelled 😢) so we decided to bring the farm to our house 🐷🐔😂

“I know it's not brilliant (I had a lot of 'help' from my toddler) and I only had the stuff available in my house but she loved making it and she has been looking after them.”

Explaining how she fashioned the animals, she said: “The chickens were taped up bubble wrap covered in feather boas 😂

“I used fabric glue to stick it on and I had some polystyrene balls left over so we drew eyes on them. Card for beak and head.

“Pigs just balloons with foam cut for nose, ears and feet! Super simple!!!!”

And fellow group members were seriously impressed, praising the mum’s handiwork in the comments.

One wrote: “What a lovely idea, I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday.”

“Oh my god they are brilliant I want them for me” agreed another, with a third adding, “This is absolutely epic.”

The mum then thanked everyone for their comments, adding: “It’s such a hard time for everyone and if this helps out in any way I'm really pleased!!”

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