But it seems there is something for them after all.

  • Nothing (for the person who has everything), IWOOT, £6.99 – buy now

A bonkers Christmas present has gone on sale – and it’s literally nothing.

For £6.99 you can give the gift of fresh air this year.

I Want One Of Those (IWOOT) is selling the gift, which it says is for ‘the person who has everything’.

The website says: “Filled with absolutely nothing (well other than all the atoms and other scientific things that make up thin air, but you get the picture).

“This 'empty gesture' is the only way you can make your point to someone fortunate enough to have every gadget or luxury item known to man.

“If they really wanted to make use of 'nothing', the lucky recipient could use it as a decorative bauble at Christmas – the spherical shape is ideal to hang on a Christmas tree.

“See you can make something out of nothing after all.”

Or you, could just give them an empty box for free.

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