December 13, 2020 – December 19, 2020

MONKEYS may have an emotionally overwhelming week and could feel slightly down about personal events in their lives. Will they manage by the end of the week?

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Let’s be honest, Monday may be rough for the Monkeys. 

After a previous weekend of downtime and self-care activities, the start of this week could bring worry and feelings of inadequacy. Monkeys, if you are feeling under appreciated that is completely understandable. You do a lot for those in your life and sometimes hearing a simple “thank you” could go a long way. 

As long as you continue to do your best and with good intentions, that is truly all that matters.

Midway through the week you could call bluff on someone who may be lying to you. Your incredible wit and honest nature allows you to see through people. Approach them assertively and let them know you are aware that they may be acting in a dishonest way. At the end of the week you may have to cancel plans to help a family member or friend in need. Be opened to the possibility of having no plans and adjust your schedule accordingly.


Saturday may be a great time to make a list about what you wish to find in a potential new partner. You know the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword?” well, writing attributes and positive things can make them come to life in unexpected ways. 

Visualize what you would like to see in a partner and jot every single detail down. There is something really powerful about seeing your words on paper. 

For the coupled Monkeys, start prepping for the holidays together! Now may be a good time to get those fun activities like baking cookies, decorating, or shopping in order. Try and lighten the mood between you two and just have fun! 


Monkeys, you may have a great opportunity to make your fortune increase tremendously before the year ends. Keep working and planning on how you wish to save your money. Try to track your spendings on a sheet and stay within your budget.

The new year could bring new job opportunities or a promotion that may favor you financially. Those who work with you know how focused and skilled you are and your ethic is impeccable. 

Good things are coming, believe that. 

Types of Monkeys

Metal Monkey: Bright and good public speakers, jokers, not very popular but highly successful.

Earth Monkey: Cheerful and optimistic, are never afraid of difficulties, hardworking and easily able to enjoy things. 

Wood Monkey: Energetic but lack confidence, they help their friends but need encouragement, can be workaholics but are successful. 

Fire Monkey: Dreamers and goal-oriented, adventurous, hot-tempered and steady achievers. 

Water Monkey: Love attention, they are natural-born leaders but are also highly arrogant and know-it-alls.

Spotlight Numerology

Gemini Metal Monkey 1980: The Gemini Metal Monkey’s life path number is 8.

Life path number 8 represents those who trust in themselves and overcome the opinion of nay-sayers.

These Monkeys are very ambitious and hard workers. 

They are always taking action to fix any problem and never allow others to think of them as victims. 

Monkeys are independent and full of wisdom. 

Weekly Mantra

“I adapt to any change with grace and candor.”

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