The fashion industry has been encouraging the nation to get out and vote with celebrity collaborations and limited-edition T-shirts. And for Election Day only, some of your favorite brands are giving you even more incentive to hit the polls by offering some major discounts.

Fashion brands including J.Crew and Rachel Antonoff are urging everyone to get to the polls by giving huge sales and discounts for today only. Car share apps like Lyft are slashing fairs. So you know what to do — get to the polls then celebrate by checking out these too-good-to-miss deals.


On Instagram, J.Cew announced that they’re giving anyone with a “I Voted” sticker an extra 20 percent off.

In the comments section, the brand clarified that the offer will only be available today at J.Crew retail stores (not Factory or Mercantile locations) and without a sticker, they aren’t able to honor the discount.

Rachel Antonoff

The fashion designer announced weeks ago that she’ll be offering all of her customs who voted a 15% off code if they direct message the brand a pic of themselves at the polls or take a photo of their absentee ballot. But she warns: “Important: in some states it’s illegal to take pictures inside the voting booth, so don’t!”


The trendy bedding brand, AllsWell, is offering 10 percent off all mattresses today to all shoppers when they use the code “VOTE” at checkout. No photos or sticker required.

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Lyft is making sure everyone has a safe and convenient ride to the polls by offering 50 percent off rides to polling stations. To get your discount code, check out the link in their Instagram bio.

“In 2016, over 15 million people were unable to vote due to transportation issues,” the brand wrote on Instagram. “To drive awareness, we made a mural out of unused ballots in NYC.”

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