But if you want to channel your inner Ariel, where can you get the best ocean themed outfits for Halloween? Here's what you need to know…

Where can you buy mermaid tails?

Various online retailers sell mermaid tails for children – but adult sizes are harder to come by in the UK.

Website Planet Mermaid is UK based and sells swimmable mermaid tails for kids up to the age of 14.

However, some adults may be able to fit in this largest size – as the size fits a natural waist up to 31.5 inches, with up to two inches of stretch.

The tails cost £38.99 and the website also offers matching tankini tops and various accessories.

International website Fin Fun offers both kids and adult sized tails, with adult versions costing approximately £48.10, shipped from the US.

Are there mermaid themed beauty products?

Many high street retailers sell mermaid themed cosmetics and hair accessories.

For under the sea friendly eyeshadow, Makeup Revolution at Superdrug have a 32 shade Mermaids Forever eye palette for just £8.

And, when it comes to nails, Claire’s Accessories have aqua mermaid false nails, £8.

The brand also offers shell themed hair accessories for £5.

For those who want a glittery scale effect, special face, hair and body glitter is available from The Gypsy Shrine at BeautyBay for £6.

And, if you want to go all out and have pastel hued mermaid hair, companies such as Hot Hair and Party Delights have the perfect pieces for wavey locks.

What are the best mermaid Halloween costumes?

With Halloween on the horizon, you may be thinking about what to dress up as.

There are an array of adult mermaid fancy dress costumes on sale and various styles.

Some of the best include a Glistening Sexy Mermaid Costume, £68.99, from Escapade.

This is a green shiny costume in the shape of a bralet top and high waisted skirt with a fishtail hemline.

Retailer Cosplay Made also have a glamorous full length dress option.

The metallic green dress has a scale effect body and shiny fishtail hem to give the look of a tail.

For those on a budget, and who are after something spookier, Asda also have a £18 Halloween Dark Mermaid costume, featuring a dark purple fluted dress.

They also have a Disney Little Mermaid alternative for £22.


Mermaid fever has swept Britain this year.

To honour the mythical sirens, Apple added some new emojis into the mix.

And Disney fans are flipping out because Primark is now selling Little Mermaid-inspired home accessories for as little as £1.

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