Mirjam Schneider told the Express the tot could struggle adapting to the strict set of rules which come with being related to the Queen.

If the Baby of Sussex is born between March 21 and April 20, he or she will be an Aries.

Mirjam said: "As an Aries, the baby will have more of a rebel in it and likely struggle more with following old rules and strict protocol.

"Instead, it will show a desire to spark new, fresh ideas and push others out of their comfort zone.

“Aries is not a patient sign, it’s this impulsive, restless, fast-forward energy.

"As an Aries, this Royal baby will strive for finding its own path rather than following in the footsteps of someone else.

"Also Aries tends to be much less controlled emotionally so that could cause a bit of a problem in terms of behaviour in public."

Mirjam added that Aries are outgoing, enthusiastic, adventurous types – who love to compete.

Kerry King previously revealed how mum Meghan, 37, as a fellow fire sign Leo, would get on brilliantly with an Aries child – and may even encourage his or her "rebellious streak".

As a perfectionist Virgo, however, Harry, 34, may struggle more with his child's impulsive personality.

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