Dozens of Brits have taken to Twitter to moan about the festive drinks, claiming they look nothing like the ones advertised.

The caffeinated beverages launched nationwide earlier this month and cost £1.99 for a regular or £2.29 for a large.

This makes them the priciest option on Maccies' hot drink menu, although they're still much cheaper than similar options at Starbucks and Costa.

The new drink is meant to taste just like a popular millionaire's shortbread and is essentially a latte mixed with caramel biscuit flavoured syrup, topped with chocolate flavoured cream and a caramel drizzle.

Unfortunately for those getting one to go, the cream and drizzle tend to melt into the coffee, leaving customers gutted when they eventually take off the lid.

Some have accused McDonald's of "false advertising", adding: "Not quite how it looked in the pic".

Others moaned: "what an anti climax", "totally disappointed" and labelled it: "probably one of the worst fails ever. This is what we got…zero cream, nothing."

While one bloke, who was looking forward to trying the new drink on his birthday, said: "Useless, on my birthday aswell, you should be ashamed".

Despite how it may look, Maccies insist you'll still get all the great caramel and chocolate flavours – even if your drink is a bit deflated.

A McDonald's spokesman told Sun Online: “As with any cream on top of a hot drink, if left for a period of time, our swirl of chocolate cream and a caramel drizzle will blend into the latte.

“Most of our customers are loving it too much to leave it that long, but if it does melt then you’ll still get all of the great flavours, just combined with your drink instead of on top.”

In more foody news, this genius hack will take all the mess out of eating corn on the cob – and will ensure you get every last bite.

And here's what else is on the festive menu, including a CHICKEN Big Tasty, cheese melt dippers and Malteser reindeer McFlurry.

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