At around £10 a pop, throwing away a set after one use definitely doesn't feel like you're getting your money's worth – so here's how to make sure you do.

Seasoned falsie wearers and make-up artists know that a good pair of lashes can last you at least a dozen wears if removed and cared for properly.

Certain brands last better than others, but all lashes stretch beyond a single wear, so don't bin your falsies after one go.

Make-up artist Jamie Greenberg – who's painted the faces of A-lister stars like Kaley Cuoco and Rashida Jones – has revealed her top tips for prolonging the life of your high street false eyelashes.

Her trick is to make sure that you "treat them like dishes", and wash them after every use (but don't bung them in the sink, obviously).

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In the first instance, the removal of the false lashes needs to be done smoothly and slowly, says Jamie.

After you've got the lashes off, soak a cotton bud in make-up remover to wipe away any excess glue that's lingering on the strip.

The make-up remover you choose needs to be a water-based one, rather than oil-based.

This is because oil-based removers can cause the eyelashes to warp, and they will also make your make-up run when you next apply them as oil clings to surfaces rather than evaporate like water does.

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Next, you'll need to properly clean the eyelash itself.

Jamie states you should do this by "sandwiching them in between two tightly wound, make-up remover-soaked cotton buds" and combing through the tips with a disposable mascara wand.

After you've cleaned them, place them back in their original cases to dry.

When they're fully dried out, she suggests you mist them with 96 or 99 per cent alcohol to kill bacteria.

What you'll need to clean and keep your lashes in tip top shape

  • Cotton buds
  • Micellar water (or any water based makeup remover)
  • Their original case
  • 96 or 99 per cent alcohol
  • Disposable mascara wands

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Another tip from Jamie is to minimise mascara use as it makes it harder to clean the lashes.

She notes: "Cleaning falsies — and keeping their shape — becomes incredibly hard when trying to cut through coats upon coats of mascara."

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