This is some of the most fun I’ve ever had. I am definitely coming back here. If I ever have a house big enough, I’ll have a ball pit room in it.

You’re looking buff – have you been hitting the gym?

I’ve been going a little bit. Well, five days a week! I wake at 6.45am and I’m in the gym at 7am then out by 8am. I see my PT Rick and I need to go with him otherwise I’m not there. I like to look good, obviously, and I feel better – more positive. I suffer from anxiety. When you’re so energetic you can have these little lows.

Are you inspired by your sister Louise and her fiancé Ryan Libbey’s fitness drive?

I go to the gym far more than my sister. She’s blessed with very good genetics. Ryan’s a great motivator – what a human being! He looks after my sister.

Are you missing them now you’ve moved out?

They’ve taken the key back, the b*****ds! So I just jump over the fence [Sam lives next door] and go in the back. I’m like an STI – you can’t get rid of me.


  • Sam’s keen to do I’m A Celebrity! after eating pig anus on Extra Camp.
  • He makes up jokes: “Knock knock, Who’s there? Ivana. Ivana who? Ivana date you.”
  • Sam and Tom Read Wilson have breakfast in a French cafe in Clapham every Saturday.

How come you’re back on Celebs Go Dating?

It didn’t work the first time! You can’t underestimate how much the show helps. I had split after two years [with Tiffany Watson], I’d never been on a date and my confidence was low. I got a new girlfriend [Sophie Habboo], then got dumped again. Going back on the show is like admitting defeat, but I love it.

How do you feel about being single?

I’m low again right now. There’s clearly more I need to learn, but it’s great getting out there. Left to my own devices I wouldn’t have done – I’m too frightened. But with Celebs Go Dating you’re forced to. Dating’s one of the hardest things. I’ve never been good at it

What’s gone wrong with your relationships?

I’m hopelessly insecure. I don’t think I’m good enough and so I either run away or self-sabotage. I’ve got to work on my self-confidence and maturity.

Are you too young to settle down?

I’m looking for a wife. I wasn’t very nice to my ex. I want to make someone happy. I’d like three kids – two boys and a girl in the middle. Sebastian is oldest, Charlotte maybe for the girl and then maybe Max for the third one. I’m like that girl who has the wedding booked!

Is it difficult having relationships on telly?

The break-ups are s**t and your ex is probably going to be dating another reality star. But I’ve grown up with it.

How are you getting on with your CGD co-stars?

I’m Pete Wicks’ best mate. He’s trying to push me away because he likes me. He doesn’t want to get hurt, but I’ve got a mental sledgehammer and every day I hack it and I’ve broken down a wall. If all else fails I am going to marry [CGD receptionist] Tom Read Wilson. I love his energy.

Any future plans?

Podcasts, maybe. Helping people get confident would be nice. Presenting is my dream.

Will you have a role at Louise and Ryan’s wedding?

I’d like to do a speech and me and Dad should jointly give her away. I haven’t been invited to the stag do yet, but he’s going to Miami. 

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