Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last 20 years, starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Here's her predictions for YOUR star sign…

Aries (Six of Swords, Ace of Cups, Strength)

New passions sometimes require us to simply fix our full attention on something, notice and absorb it wholeheartedly, and not compare it to something (someone?) else.

The Ace of Cups shows there is a new magical opportunity in your lap right NOW- maybe a new love, friendship, activity, regime, ambition or job… and it COULD be wonderful, true and lasting.

Strength shows that this is largely, however, in your hands and that there’s a little devil nagging at your shoulder, threatening to spoil this wonderful new “thing”.

And the Six of Swords reveals it’s your own past.

Perhaps you’re still hung up on someone or something from “before”, and can’t help but compare each new entrant to your life to what you once had.

Perhaps you even consider going backwards, to reclaim this lost treasure.
Aries, I’m here, this week, to tell you to stop staring at the past.

What we fix our gaze on dictates the direction we head in.

And you need to use this wonderful new opportunity to help you move on, to a bright future.

Turn your gaze ahead, it’s all there waiting…

Taurus (Four of Coins, Three of Coins, Queen of Swords)

You’ll like this week’s forecast, Taurus, because it’s all about “digging in” and, by gosh, if any one single star sign is good at THAT then it’s you, my friend.

The Four of Swords and Queen of Swords are like a stubbornness combo from the depths of wherever stubbornness comes from… somewhere dark and damp I expect.

They are advising you that this is the time to make your stand, to shout up for what you want and expect (actually, DEMAND), set out your boundaries and borders and guard them with your utmost courage.

It will pay off, I promise.

People pay attention when you really voice your opinion and needs, because you so rarely do.

It’s a “unicorn” event for Taureans to overtly make a claim or proactively ask for something, so you usually have an advantage from the start- the “surprise” factor!

The Three of Coins is the reassurance that others will notice your position, appreciate your perspective, and reward you with what you want.

It may take a while to fully transpire, but join the process and let this unfold, trusting it’s going in the right direction (but keeping your boundaries fully defended in the meantime!).

Gemini (Page of Wands, Two of Swords, Two of Coins)

Mmm… happily one of your “flaws” (as others see it, I don’t necessarily agree) is going to prove useful this week- that duality / two facedness / fickleness.

The Two of Swords shows you face a decision, a cross roads, a divided camp and others are pressurising you to take one road or t’other.

You HATE being forced down a course of action against your will and I’m here to suggest an alternative: play them!
The Page of Wands and Two of Coins combine to reveal a strategy of hedging your bets, playing both sides, keeping your options open, juggling conflicting sets of priorities…

I know it sounds a wee bit Machiavellian (do you care?) but needs must, my friend.

You were born tricky. And this IS a tricky sitch.

So, use your natural-born talents to navigate the demands and pressures, and keep your own counsel without peeing everyone else off.

It’s a balancing act, but YOU can pull it off.

Cancer (The World, Justice, Queen of Cups)

How you handle an emotional situation this week could have echoes forever more, so take a moment to think this through and play the “long game”.

Justice shows there is an unfairness, a challenge or obstacle in your path and you’re itching for revenge / payback / justice… I know, I know.

But, Cancer, before you unleash your crabby claws on them, think it through.

The Queen of Cups shows your emotions are all at sea, and you KNOW what happens when you feel like that and act upon it.

Remember when?… oh yes, you do. And you swore “never again!”.

So, breathe and ponder a while.
The World is a wisdom card, asking you to take the long-term view here.

Your role is not dole out justice, but to get yourself through this as unscathed as possible and let Karma take care of everything else.

Don’t lay traps for yourself in the future, don’t emit negative vibes.

Plan and execute a “damage limitation” strategy, and a Future You will breathe a big sigh of relief!

Leo (Queen of Coins, The Hierophant, Queen of Wands)

You’re a pretty independent character, Leo, although you do love to be loved which can make you seem more like a “people pleaser” than you really truly are- you’ll only go SO far for others.

HOW far exactly is being put under test this very week!

The Hierophant shows up when we are moving away from the status quo, or what others can expect of us, or trust us to be doing.

Maybe you’re rethinking a commitment you’ve made, re-evaluating a relationship, pondering your next move and it’s going to involve breaking trust with something or someone you’ve been loyal to.

The Queens of Coins and Wands outline the conflict you feel.

On the one hand, Coins shows you’ve got practical obligations to fulfil and bonds have been forged here, but on the other hand, Wands shows you’re ready to break free, move on and try something new.I don’t know which hand will “win” BUT it’s something you must consciously decide and know WHY you’ve done whatever you’re about to do.

Be clear on your motives.

Virgo (Three of Cups, The Hanged Man, The Lovers)

A relationship close to you feels like it has stalled- The Hanged Man is swinging above the Three of Cups, creating a limbo, a blockage to progress and happy momentum being regained.

You used to have so much fun, but now it feels a little forced and stilted. WHY?
The answer lies with The Lovers.

There is a lot of emotion here, yes, but there is also conflict and a sense of divided feelings, head vs heart type of situations.

Perhaps, though you love them dearly, their opinions or behaviours just don’t square up with what you believe is right.

Perhaps you feel more for them than you think you should, or that is reciprocated. Perhaps you are even in love with two people.

This chapter will pass by, this energy will unravel and turn into something more solid and tangible that you can actually act upon.

I know it’s frustrating but, for now, let this situation drift a little longer.

It will start to change and you’ll be able to see a route through much more clearly- until you do, don’t take any drastic action. Let things swing…

Libra (The Magician, Eight of Cups, Ten of Coins)

Refocusing your efforts on a natural-born talent of yours (Libra, there’s SO many!) will lead the way to rewards and riches!

Show me the money! The Eight of Cups hints it’s time to let something go, move on, divert your course.

You’ll KNOW what I’m talking about because this urge is something heartfelt and emotive, you perhaps FEEL it more than you know it.

The Magician is a mega card, representing new endeavours using our own talents.

Brushing up on our skills to create something new and exciting and, with the arrival of the golden Ten of Coins, likely leading to financial reward.

What can you start or bring forth which you’re good at and has potential to earn you spondoolies down the line?

Maybe it’s something you need to train in, or learn.

It doesn’t have to be a money-spinner rightaway, this is just the start.

Think about your talents, think about training or education and where you could focus that, think about what you could drop, or divert from, to make room. And get to it!

Scorpio (Seven of Cups, The Devil, The Star)

Ah, the internal monologue, the inner voices, the chattering brain… the Seven of Cups shows that your inner self is busy yabbering away this week, filling your head with ideas, options and possible scenarios (some are good, some not so).
Remember, Scorpio, you’re in charge.

This voice is just your raw emotions talking, they don’t KNOW anything, they just knee-jerk react to whatever stimulus is in front of them. And you’ve got two choices here.
Option one – The Devil.

Let your voices take you down the path of least resistance to worst case scenarios, doomsday predictions, anxiety-ridden beliefs and despair.

It’s not fun is it? And, you know what, it’s NOT REAL either. It’s just chatter.
Option two – The Star.

Consciously stop and replace each negative train of thought with a magical daydream (even if it’s old ones from childhood).

Fill your head with imaginings of joy, lusty thoughts (!), happy memories and inspiring plans.

Do this and you’ll be rewarded with a week where your future comes into focus and you feel optimistic and empowered to make it happen!   

Sagittarius (Six of Cups, Eight of Wands, Seven of Cups)

Ready for a blast from the past? Hope so, because one is going to sweep in this week, with a bang!

The Six of Cups is the tarot’s “nostalgia” card, reflecting people / places / activities we once held great affection for and which, perhaps, merit a place in our present and future…

You don’t need to ruminate on this for long because the Eight of Wands reveals this “ancient history” will come sweeping back into your life on its own accord.

Perhaps a message, email, invitation, chance encounter, vivid dream… pay attention!

The Seven of Cups hints this will all set your mind racing- old memories and feelings will resurface, interests will re-activate, opportunities will emerge.

Let your imagination off the leash and consider carefully how you want to draw this old “friend” (it might not be a person, it might be a location, role or activity too…) back into your life.

And then follow through on your feelings.

Don’t procrastinate or the window will close as swiftly as it opened.

Capricorn (Two of Swords, Five of Cups, Five of Swords)

A difficult and important decision rests with you this week, Cappy, and the good news is that it poses an opportunity to cut ties with something from the past which has dogged your heels long enough.

The Two of Swords is the decision; it’s thorny, full of aspects you’d rather not get involved with (but you have to consider them) and has hung over you a while now.

The Five of Cups shows it’s linked to the past, perhaps a person, an ambition or expectation, perhaps linked to one of those lingering emotions caused by an old wound (grief, regret, guilt, shame, anger). Yuk.

Now then, don’t despair, because the decision you make now could exorcise all of this unwelcome SHIT from your life, finally.

Make your choice with this end in mind, as shown by the spiky Five of Swords.

This card says “enough is enough”.

It advises you to pick the option which enables you to cut ties with people / situations which feel like a “ no win”, which are always difficult and draining.Time to release yourself.

Aquarius (Page of Wands, The Lovers, The Moon)

You’ve got a hunch (you’re GREAT at hunches) that someone is keeping something from you.

The Moon is the tarot’s “secret” card, shining a silvery light on the illusions spinning around us. You sense this… but can’t put your finger on it.

You’re right. The Lovers shows there is a “side” to someone you’re not seeing (yet). And it’s being deliberately hidden, for whatever reason.

What to do?

Well, the Page of Wands advises you to take a scientific approach (is there any other for Aquarians??) and generate a series of “experiments” to try and tease out / expose the shadow.

Maybe some questions, maybe a wee bit of observation, maybe a (sort of) test.

Does this sound creepy? Sorry, it’s not meant to be.

Rathermore, it’s you using your intellect and analytical side to suss out something you think you need to know.

Sherlock Holmes-style!

Pisces (Strength, Three of Swords, The Sun)

Once upon a time, you put all your faith and trust in someone or something and they backstabbed / betrayed you.

The Three of Swords is a tough card and reveals those wounds which continue to twinge, those lingering emotions caused by another’s actions.

And, Pisces, you’re so keen to see people’s “goodness” that you can be exposed to manipulators more than most.

OK, but this week, you’re going to do some EXORCISM on these old wounds, healing and soothing their aftermath, removing the scars, freeing yourself of the lingering shadows.

Strength and The Sun are absolutely beautiful major arcana cards. You will feel proud and empowered that you’ve survived what you have endured.

You will see the silver linings and the life lessons more clearly than ever.

You will feel you have processed this pain and can move on free from it.

Importantly, The Sun reveals this week is the portal to a new era of being free from your past and its wounds.

Fortune, prosperity, joy and fulfilment lie ahead. Let go of all the old shit, and move on feeling optimistic. The future is bright, my friend!

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at

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