EVERY Sunday, our resident Tarotscope reader Kerry King will be revealing what surprises, challenges and excitement awaits you in the week ahead.

Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last 20 years, starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Here's her predictions for YOUR star sign…

ARIES (Nine of Cups, Two of Cups, Page of Coins)

There’s romance around you, Aries (when is there not, TBH). The Two and Nine of Cups conspire to tell of a blossoming attraction which could be wonderful, and is something you perhaps secretly daydream about.

So, this person could definitely already be on your radar! The Page of Coins hints that it’s a friend, someone you’ve built up a steady and positive connection with.

Maybe you’re a bit fearful about pushing that too far, and ruining it. I get that.

Well, there’s no harm in perhaps nudging the “flirt-o-meter” up one or two notches, see what happens. I do get good vibes here, I’m sure there’s some chemistry waiting to emerge.

If you’re already happily attached then these cards could read as a kick up the wotsit to instigate some romance into your relationship this week.

Take them back to the heady days of your initial meeting- revisit the places and early dates you used to have.

Take a wander down Memory Lane and rekindle your attraction and interest in one another. Relationships take work, it’s time to put some in.

TAURUS (Knight of Coins, Seven of Swords, Strength)

People who tangle with you do so at their peril. You can be gentle, like your sign’s symbol the bull, grazing peacefully, BUT you can also, like that same bull, be a raging, fierce monster who will charge at attackers with gusto.

It’s the latter option this week, although it’s unlikely to get to “raging bull” levels, because one snort and one scuff on your hooves and they’ll be running away!

The Knight of Coins and Seven of Swords show the need to have your guard up, to patrol your borders looking for intruders. Someone who does not have your best interests at heart is on the prowl.

Spot them and oust them, ward them off before they even get close and save yourself a LOT of hassle down the line.

Strength is an important card about journeys, progression, taking on challenges to make ourselves stronger and more resilient in future.

Life’s trials are like going to the gym, they build up our emotional muscles, making future trials easier. So, relish this opportunity to flex your muscles and prove yourself.

GEMINI (Six of Cups, Four of Swords, The Devil)

Whatever you do, don’t go backwards! The Six of Cups hints your gaze will turn back this week to dwell on something / one / place long gone, or even see you reverting back to an old (bad) habit you shook off already.

The Devil is in town and warns you of treading over old ground, of returning to scenes of crimes, of walking the path of least resistance back to a place you already identified as bad for you.

It’s easier to fall backwards when we’re not concentrated and focused on the present, so stay in the now, live fully, savour your surroundings and make plans to look forward to.

The Four of Swords hints this episode’s root cause is fatigue and weariness. You burn the candle brightly at both ends, Gemmy, and you rarely give yourself a day off.

Maybe, this weekend, consciously schedule NOTHING on the agenda. Simply spend time doing things which you know relax you and help you rest and unwind.

You can’t pour from an empty jug, and your reserves are running low. Time to replenish before you reactivate any bad habits.

CANCER (King of Swords, Three of Swords, Six of Swords)

It’s a trio of Swords cards for you this week, Cancer, so there is some intellectual and mental gymnastics to be tackled in your world! Getting your head around something takes time, because you analyse EVERYTHING, and your emotions run high.

It’s hard to untangle how you truly feel and what you honestly think- sometimes they’re at odds with each other!

The Three of Swords shows the cause of this week’s ruminations is a wound, a relationship betrayal, a piece of turmoil with another person which has hurt you deeply.

The Six and King of Swords show you really know you OUGHT to move on and cut ties, but that you’re worried it’ll be painful / you’re not ready / you’ll have regrets / you’ve misread things…

Cancer, this card combo advises you to definitely, most certainly, move ON.

It’s time, you’re ready, there’s no other course of action, this will not be sad but will actually feel rejuvenating and empowering.

It’s not to say things can’t rekindle down the line, either, but you need to leave behind the toxicity of this current situation.

You need to forget a bit before you can forgive. Cut ties, move forward, trust it’s all for the best.

LEO (King of Cups, Knight of Cups, The Empress)

Love is your catnip. You wanna’ be adored, Leo, and luckily you usually are! The King and Knight of

Cups see your powers of attraction, persuasion and lovability at maximum super-powers this week, so use them to zoom in on your object of affection and heat things up.

Whatever conquests or progress you wish to make, NOW is the time, so set the scene and let your natural charm work its magic.

The Empress shows this is about lasting, secure relationships- not just flighty flirtations.

You’re thinking about who you share your “den” with for the long haul, and the kind of home, family and lifestyle you want with a partner.

Now is the time to visualise that, share it with your treasured other half (or make a move on the one you’ve got your eye on…), and realise that love is REALLY what makes your world go around.

Career, status and money are all very well, but they don’t keep you warm and happy.

You need to be loved, you deserve it, and this week you can really create, build and cement the kind of relationship/s you can rely on in life.

Love, that’s all.

VIRGO (Ten of Wands, Three of Coins, Nine of Wands)

You’re such a conscientious worker bee, Virgo! I wish everyone I worked with was as industrious and exacting as you are.

The Ten of Wands reveals you’ve been beavering away even harder than usual recently (maybe too hard?), but that this HAS been noticed and valued by those who’re in a position to help you progress.

The Three of Coins is like a “promotion” card, so expect some good news, ask for a raise, offer to expand your role, look for a better one! Lean in to give the Universe a chance to reward you for your efforts.

You might think ‘why do I have to do any more running?’, and feel that you’ve done enough to warrant the prize.

Well, the Nine of Wands reveals that just a SMIGEON more effort and, dare I say, “showboating” will win them over and secure your reward. You have been recognised, but you need to seal the deal now.

Make it overtly obvious and clear that you want, and expect, more. Don’t let them off the hook, make it impossible to ignore how much you richly deserve a “leg up”.

LIBRA (The Magician, Seven of Coins, Page of Wands)

You’ve reached a point where you feel you should be in a different position than you are. You’ve done the work, invested, grafted and sacrificed… so why do you not feel like you’ve ”made it”? The

Seven of Coins is a cross roads type of card, hitting us when we need to take stock and re-evaluate the journey we’re on.

The good news is that the reason you feel dissatisfied is because something better awaits you!

The Magician and Page of Wands urge you to take a risk, make a move, do something for yourself. This is likely to be around your career, education or side line projects / hobbies which inspire you.

There’s a strong sense of entrepreneurial enterprises with both of these cards so if you’ve been thinking about setting something up or changing career paths and retraining… DO!

Autumn is a great time to gather what you’ve reaped, examine the results, and make changes to your next “crop”.

Change is due.

SCORPIO (Eight of Wands, Seven of Swords, The Lovers)

Make a decision, commit to it, and furtively share your choice with ONLY those few whom you trust… and then see what happens. Pretty specific advice, eh!

The Lovers shows you’ve been wrestling with a head vs heart decision, something conflicting and tricky, and this week you need to come down on one side or the other. Decide!

The Seven of Swords reveals that not everyone is going to be hunky dory jackanory with your choice (which you suspected anyway) BUT that’s their business.

You’re an intensely private person, so I don’t need to tell you this, but don’t broadcast your feelings or actions here.

Keep your own counsel, follow your own instincts, keep your thought processes to yourself. It will only give them ammo.

Then, via the chatty and communicative Eight of Wands, share your final outcome with ONLY those you trust. I feel like this is (a very Scorpio trait!) a TEST.

Tell only a handful of people and see if the “secret” holds, or spreads. If it spreads, you know you’ve got a leak in your inner circle and that is

JUST the kind of thing you like to know about… An interesting week ahead.

SAGITTARIUS (Knight of Coins, Seven of Cups, Ace of Cups)

A lil’ romantic escapade awaits you this week, Sagittarius, how delightful!

The Ace and Seven of Cups reveal that a dream-come-true kind of love is around the corner, and it’s something which surpasses all of your wildest dreams.

The chemistry is immediate, the passion intense, the connection strong… and potentially lasting. So, whatever you can do to put yourself in the pathway of romantic opportunity this week- DO.

Don’t just sit back and wait for Mr/Miss Right to walk in, get out and look.

The Knight of Coins reveals some clues about this future love. Possibly an Earth sign (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn).

Someone who is home-loving, happy in their own skin, secure, hardworking and ambitious, able to take care of themselves… and maybe a little bit of an “opposite” to your wilder, freewheeling and spontaneous character.

But opposites attract, am I right? Cupid is coming my friend!

CAPRICORN (Eight of Cups, Ten of Cups, Seven of Wands)

Despite the odds or obstacles, your close/est relationship/s need to move on and seek new ground in order to flourish.

The Seven of Wands and Eight of Cups show there are “growing pains” with those you value in your life.

When we do the same ole’ same ole’ over and over, or stay in the same spot for too long, we can start to get edgy and feel limited.

And, then, the person most likely to take the hit for that is the one stood right next to you. We hurt the ones we love, and are hurt by them.

Break this habit before it takes hold and causes more damage. The Ten of Cups reveals this isn’t about either of you intrinsically, or that your relationship isn’t right for you both.

It’s just that you need a change of scene, new landscape, maybe a different home, a trip to someplace exciting, a shared project which is new news for you both.

Seek different, and get different (better) results. Improve your bond.

AQUARIUS (The Tower, Six of Wands, The Hierophant)

You’re big on doing the right thing, and you’re strong and assertive enough to carry through on what you think is right. If only Aquarians ruled the world…

The Hierophant and Six of Wands combine to suggest that the Universe needs you to do the right thing again this week.

It might be to challenge something you know shouldn’t be happening, to speak up for someone who can’t or won’t themselves, to promote a value or moral code you know is needed… it’s something which IS right, and which represents a conventional authority or tradition.

You’re not being “wacky” here, you’re standing up for the status quo, the accepted wisdom.

That said, you might get into a lil’ shitstorm over it (although I think you’ll actually ENJOY it, in a funny way).

The Tower shows you’re about to bring the whole false temple down, crashing around the culprits’ ears.

This was always going to collapse anyway, as it was built on false and fading energy, but you’re going to be the one to accelerate that, and save a lot of people a lot of trouble and strife in the process. Go, you!

PISCES (Six of Cups, Eight of Swords, Four of Swords)

We all have little tendrils and tentacles that keep us hooked back to our past, to places or people that others would be surprised we still thought of / missed / checked in on.

The Six of Cups and Eight of Swords show you, too, harbour such a connection (secretively), but that- despite the affection or bond you still feel- it’s time to turn your gaze for good.

Keeping this memory / possibility alive just limits the space and energy you have for others in your future, and for new, fresher energy to flow into your life.

The relationship is over, the possibilities have ended… why keep staring at the past?

The Four of Swords shows that you need a mental vacation from thinking about all of this.

If you can’t bear to cut ties right now, forever, then at least give yourself an enforced “mental vacation” from it all for the next month. Promise?

Good, you’ll feel better and freer, and the urge / need to keep looking at it all will start to abate. It’s time to turn your gaze, however difficult that feels.

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at www.kerrykingtarot.etsy.com.

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