Now a happy, healthy single mum, the 38-year-old singer’s journey has been a bumpy and often traumatic one – and she has the battle scars to prove it.

The scars from surgery and the tattoos – often covering up the names of her exes – are testament to the Atomic Kitten star's fighting spirit.

She told Fabulous Digital: "Your body gets scarred, it gets wounded.

"I’m looking at my scars as a journey, as an era of my life.  Each one tells a story.

"Anyone I fall in love with in the future will have to accept my scars because they are part of me."

Now Kerry – mum to Molly, 17, Lilly, 16, Heidi, 7, Max, 10, and DJ, four – reveals the powerful stories behind each mark on her body.

The break-up boob job – 2004

I have scars under my boobs and lollipop scars that run down the front of my breast and around my nipples, which are all from surgery.

The first time I had surgery was when I split up with my first husband, Brian McFadden, in 2004.

I was always a 34DD chest and after I had my first child, Molly, they grew to a 34GG and they naturally stayed.

When Brian left me, I lost so much weight on the 'heartbreak diet' my boobs were just skin and they hung like teabags.

I was only 24 and I thought, ‘my boobies have gone? I have the boobs of a 60-year-old.’ So I had implants just to fill them out, not to go any bigger.

I was only in surgery for two or three hours but it made me feel a lot better about myself at a really low point in my life.

When I first saw the results I was really happy and, although the scars were very red and livid to start with, they soon went down and they are under my boobs so I don't see them.

I don't look in the mirror and think, 'Oh my God I hate my boob scars' because you can’t see them. It has never stopped me going topless and I really don't mind them.

The double-bubble boob job fix – 2008 – £15k

When I had Max and Heidi my implants stayed and my natural boobs dropped, so I had what they call a double bubble.

In 2008, I was asked to do a TV show called Whole Again and they offered to have my implants taken out, give me an uplift and liposuction so I thought ‘sod it, I’ll do it.’ So these are my boobs, nothing in there. It was £15k worth of surgery and I got it for free.

I had the surgery just days after I was declared bankrupt over an unpaid £103,327 tax bill, so I couldn't have paid for surgery. I have five kids to feed.

I was in surgery for eight hours in total, under general anaesthetic and afterwards there was very little pain.

It’s more of an achy feeling but I recover quickly anyway. After having kids something as minor as that isn’t that painful to be honest and I think a lot of women have a high tolerance for pain.

The bandages came off after a few days I had lollipop scars around the nipples.

I also had call 'dog ears', lumpy, puckered scar-tissue, in the corner of each boob where they had cut it to remove the implants.  Where they sewed it up there is a lump but they went with time and they’re not as bad anymore.

I know some women who worry about getting  a boob job because they might lose sensation in their nipples which could affect their sex life. But nipples have never been a thing for me really.

For the first year when I touched my boob I couldn’t really feel it and it took a while for the sensation to come back but it’s all fine now.

I’d rather have the scars than the saggy boobs I had before and it’s not like I walk around naked, so no one really sees them.

I’m having another boob job soon because I now have ‘matron boobies’. I won’t go any bigger, I just want them lifted back up.

I trip over my nipples every time I take my bra off. It’s a health and safety hazard!

The Kangaroo pouch tummy tuck – 2010 – £8,500

Although I have five children, I have only had one caesarean, and that was for Heidi in 2007 because she was breech.

Three years later, after I had Maxwell, I was offered a tummy tuck and liposuction so I thought, 'Why not?'

At the time I was at the biggest I’ve ever been, which was a size 14. I had seen pictures of myself sitting on a sun lounger in a bikini and everyone said I was a yoyo dieter, but I hadn't long since had a baby and I think it’s important to spend time with your child.

I don't know how much fat they sucked out but I went down to a size 10 then.

I never had any loose skin so I didn't really need the tummy tuck but no matter how much weight I lost, I couldn't get rid of a pocket of skin that hung like a kangaroo pouch.

I still have that now, however, so the tummy tuck didn't fix that.

Because of the lipo I had to wear an all-over body suit that shapes and moulds everything, like Spanx, for six weeks. I even did Come Dine With Me while wearing it, under my clothes and I still wear it occasionally because it smooths everything out.

The tummy scar stretches right across my belly and must be about 7in long but it was already there, because of my caesarean, so I am happy it's there. It's a reminder of Heidi.

My 'tiger stripes' stretchmarks

I have stretchmarks on my sides but I’m proud of them. They are there because of my kids so I call them my 'tiger stripes.'

I’m an only child, I grew up with four sets of foster parents, four refuges, eight different schools and I was so lonely. I never felt part of anything.

I always wanted to have that big family and know that when I am gone – not any time soon – they’ll always have each other.

It can be crazy at times but it’s a happy home. They are all happy kids and that’s what matters.

I'm a really maternal person and I love children but five is enough.

I’d never say never but at the moment, I can’t see myself having another baby.

When I get broody I think ‘I’ve been pregnant since I was 20’. I’m 38 now and I’m OK at the moment. I have no childcare, no cleaners, and no family around me so I do it all on my own.

Plus, you have to have sex to have children – and that’s not going to happen any time soon.

Marriage Trouble Liposuction – 2016 – £12,000

In 2016, I was going through a really bad time with my husband, George Kay, and I was drinking a lot so I put all my weight back on.

At my heaviest I weighed in a 12st 7lbs and I needed a kick up the butt so I decided to get more liposuction, which left puncture scars on my legs.

I was under general anaesthetic again and the doctors stuck canulas in all over my body and pulled out four and a half litres of fat.

Afterwards, I was black and blue. I have since watched a video of the procedure and they’re actually quite rough with you and I came out absolutely covered in bruises.

Once I had the lipo – and gave my lifestyle a total overhaul – I lost three stone and went from 12st 7lb to 9st 7lb. I am only 5ft 2in and I now weigh a healthy 9st and I'm a dress size 8-10.

I have to admit that when I’ve decided I’m going to have lipo or a tummy tuck, I get really lazy and greedy and I eat what I want because I think ‘they’re going to suck it out of me next week so I don’t care'.

I’m like, ‘I’ve booked it. I’ll have a bag of chips.’ But I still exercise a lot.

Lipo is no substitute for exercise and you can’t get a six pack without training but I don’t see anything wrong with having work done if it makes people feel happier with their lives.

People suffer horribly from body dysmorphia and I have absolutely no problem with people having surgery if it helps.

But whatever you do you can’t beat exercise and it gives you a great sense of achievement. I don’t train because I want my body to look good. It stabilises me mentally.

It is hard and I don’t train every day but I get up at 5.30 every morning and do a yoga session and have an hour to myself before the madness starts and the school run has to be done.

I also do HIIT classes. I walk out buzzing. It’s a natural high, you get the endorphins and you feel a sense of achievement as well.

I love getting a good sweat on – and not just in the bedroom.

My tattoo mistakes and mantras 

I got my first tattoo on my ankle when I was 15 or 16. I got a four leaf clover with Kerry and my boyfriend’s name from high school.

His name was Carl Dunden but I just had ‘Dunden’ put on which was a bit random. We’re still really good friends. But Brian kicked off about it so I had to get it covered with two roses.

My second one was because Brian came home one day and he had five naked women on his back in the peace sign with Kerry in old English letters right across his back.

I felt like I had to get one for him so, because he was called Brian Pooh (I don’t know why) I got Winnie the Pooh on my bum with his name on it.

After the marriage split I went into rehab to deal with my bipolar and addictions and when I got out I had Molly and Lilly’s names tattooed on my wrists.

I witnessed my mum self-harming from the age of three to 17 and when I was diagnosed with bipolar, I thought it could be genetic and that’s why I got the tattoos.

I’d have to be a very selfish person to slit through my children’s names knowing I would leave them without a mum.

Growing up I felt worthless, like I wasn’t good enough to make my mum want to stick around. But I never wanted my children to feel like that.

I got Heidi’s name on my back when I was pregnant with her and then I got Maxwell after he was born, in 2008.

When my second husband Mark Croft cheated on me, I got his name tattooed on me with a load of lovehearts – as one does!

I think at the time, and the mental state I was in, I wanted to prove that we were fine. It was one of those stupid, daft things.

Then we broke up, and divorced in 2011, and I had it covered with a phoenix because I had got myself clean, moved south and had risen from the ashes for a new beginning.

The next tattoo I had was for husband number three George Kay, who I married in 2014.

I was doing a photoshoot with Atomic Kitten and George came with me, went off for a bit and came back with a K behind his ear. So I had to return the compliment and I got a G, which now stands for ‘Gorgeous’.  I also have a G on my finger.

I also have a really bad one on my foot which says Dave, who was another boyfriend, but I tell the kids it says ‘Dove’.

When my youngest daughter was born and I got DJ behind my ear and a rose on my shoulder, because her name is DJ Rose.

I have a big feather angel wing down my right side, which took six hours.

I was supposed to get the other wing done but I haven’t so I’m walking around lop-sided.

My final tattoo is a wonky one on my back which I got when I was out on the lash with Atomic Kitten. I'm not even sure what it is.

I went to get it lasered off but it was more painful than the tattoo so I decided to stick with it.

So many of my tattoos revolve around men but I will never get a tattoo for a man again.

I never want to get married again. I’ve learned my lessons.

My Mental Health struggles 

I am bipolar and on medication but so many doctors give out medication without talking about what you’re eating, what exercise you are doing. Food is so important.

If you put crap inside your body you are going to feel like crap. It’s not rocket science.

Exercise is a massive factor for people with mental health issues. Just taking a brisk 20 minute walk can make all the difference.

Some people struggle to get off the couch and take that first step and I get that.

I have this little hijacker in my head who says ‘don’t exercise. Sit down and watch a whole series on Netflix instead'.

You do battle with your own head and that is the biggest challenge for anybody who wants to lose weight and get into shape.

I have really got myself into shape in the last two years.

I’ve never been one to rush into getting my figure back after having a baby. It’s really important to enjoy your time with your newborn and not worry about hitting the gym.

I hate the word diet and I think it’s all a mindset. As long as I feel good mentally, I feel good everywhere else.

I could be a size 14 and still be happy. It’s what’s going on in your head that matters and having a good figure is just a bonus and not the be all and end all.

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