I really love him. We’d like to move in together this year. That’s the big step we’re going to take.

Then next year we’d like to go travelling and if he wanted to propose then that would be brilliant.

Are you thinking about marriage?

It would be so nice to know that someone wants to marry me so badly they’ve thrown it all down on the line.

I want to have that feeling. It’s always me forcing them into love and into a relationship.

I need to know there’s one thing he’s doing on his own!

What do you think you would be doing now if it wasn’t for Geordie Shore?

I did want to go to uni to do criminology and become a youth offending officer.

I wanted to rehabilitate naughty children.

It’s more of a social thing, you don’t need to be massively intelligent to help someone.

I think I would have done good with that.

What do you regret most about being on that show?

The whole of my TV history is one big cringe-fest.

It’s not the best of times. But what funny memories!

I could sit here and tell you the craziest stories all day and I think that’s the best thing to be able to do.

The art of conversation and socialising is disappearing because people are constantly stuck on their phones – they aren’t going out and doing things.

I can tell an absurd story and get a roomful of people to put their phones down.

In this age of tech that counts for something.

How are you finding filming your own reality series The Charlotte Show?

It’s so amazing and surreal that I’ve got my own show. But it’s really, really hard.

It’s filmed over three months and the cameras are constant – from the minute I wake up to the moment I go to bed.

There’s a lot of pressure because I haven’t got a baby and I’m not pregnant.

Everyone gets a show when they’re pregnant – Billie and Sammy [Faiers], Binky [Felstead], Ferne [McCann].

But I don’t have that, it’s just me, so there’s always a lot of pressure.

Is there enough going on? Luckily there always is.


  • Charlotte dreams of being a travel blogger and chatted to our photographer about cameras.
  • She never drinks tea or coffee – even green tea makes her jittery.
  • She scoured our location for a neon sign to buy for her home.

You’ve also got the new series of Just Tattoo Of Us coming up…

I’m actually really excited – this is going to be the best series yet. My parents are on it!

It’s just so different and there are nice tattoos this time around. There are better stories and so many different hosts.

Finally, do you ever get The Fear after a night out?

Do you know what? I never get it.

I have been so drunk on TV and have probably done the worst you can possibly do in front of the whole of the world.

I don’t know what I could be scared of in the morning because I’ve done it all!

If I p**sed myself in a club I actually wouldn’t have the fear because that’s just the norm!

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