"I feel so lucky that I am alive at this moment in history," Fonda explains when asked how she stays motivated at home. "This is the most important moment in human history right now this year. Never before in human history, have our species been confronted with a more important moment."

She continues: "What we decide this year in November, to be specific, is going to determine the future of the world. If [Donald] Trump is re-elected, it's going to be the end of the climate as being a place where human beings can live. We have the choice right now. And so I am so fired up to use every ounce of my ability, my connections, my energy, my smarts, my whatever, to motivate people to get involved right now because this is it. We can be heroes of our time by rising up and making a difference."

She also stays driven by being able to help others through this time. "Part of making a difference is protecting the millions and millions of people that make our lives possible. They pick our food, and deliver our packages, and they're the nurses and the healthcare workers, the farm workers and all the people who are just suffering so profoundly right now. Helping them, and making sure that they are taken care of in the legislation that's coming up is a critical thing to do. Because if they fall by the wayside, life is going to be really bad for those of us who are more fortunate."

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