WE HAVE all fantasised about winning the lottery, and now one winner has opened up about what happened when she scooped the EuroMillions jackpot– and you might be surprised.

Cassey Topham and her partner Matt, both 30, won a cool £45,160,170 in February 2012 when they were both just 23.

But far from the ultra-luxe lifestyle you might expect from a lottery winner, Cassey still drives a Fiat 500, shops at ASDA and buys her clothes from Boohoo.

The mum had previously worked at Iceland and upon discovering that she had won she called her mum, before quitting her job and taking a bath, according to Cosmopolitan.

But despite winning a life-changing amount of money, there was very little about their life they actually changed.

They kept the wedding venue they had booked before the win, Cassey didn’t upgrade her dress and she and Matt went to Malta for their honeymoon as planned.

The couple were generous with their money paying off friends and family mortgages but Cassey claims that the only people who asked for cash were strangers.

In fact their only “blow-out” was a two-week  trip to Spain with some friends, who refused to let them pay for anything further than the first round of drinks.

We try to keep things normal. Our friends and family wouldn’t allow us to be big-headed or extravagant

Speaking to Cosmopolitan Cassey described how she had a “Pretty Woman moment” when shopping in an expensive clothes shop after a “snooty sales advisor” discouraged her from trying things on.

She told the magazine: “When I said I’d buy it, her demeanour totally changed.”

While the mum has purchased an Aston Martin, she says she rarely uses it, relying on her Fiat 500 for the school run.

She says: “We try to keep things normal. Our friends and family wouldn’t allow us to be big-headed or extravagant. Matt cleans the car, I do our weekly shop at Asda or Tesco.”

Before the win painter and decorator Matt and Cassey lived in a £89,950 ex-council house in ­Stapleford before their huge windfall.

The couple splashed out on the seven-bed pile in 2012 after scooping the EuroMillions jackpot .

The couple hit the headlines in 2017 when the house, which they had planned to turn into a £5m eco-home,  went into disrepair.

The Sun revealed the dilapidated building has become a magnet for drug users.

Gangs of youths have been taking drugs, starting fires and smashing up the interior and police were called at least a dozen times with trespassers ignoring a 12ft fence.

The couple are now thought to be living in Newark, Notts.

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