A MUM who named her six-month old twins Charlie and Lola – just like the famous kids' TV show – says it's her biggest regret and she's desperate to have their names changed.

The distraught mum said she was 'high on Tramadol' when she picked the names in the days after they were born – but she's not yet officially registered their names and is now thinking of changing them.

Writing on NetMums anonymously, the mum said she feels like she made the wrong decision, because other mums give hr 'awkward reactions' when she reveals their names.

She explained: "I needed some advice, I have 6 month old twins which I named Charlie (boy) and Lola."

"Don't get me wrong I love both the names but I feel like a made the wrong decision and I always get awkward reactions when people ask."

Charlie and Lola were, of course, the names given to the fictional characters drawn by writer and illustrator Lauren Child, who created the books in 2000.

The mum continued: "I had doubts originally when I first had them as I had been on Tramdol for days and felt like I may have rushed the decision.

"I am due to go and register them soon and am feeling under pressure to make a decision by then.

"If I do change a name it will be from Lola to Lila, so only one letter different and not too confusing for anyone, including the baby."

She added: " I am worries about them being laughed at because of the programme 'Charlie and Lola' my partner thinks I'm being ridiculous but I'm the one who spends more time with other parents and children and I always dread peoples reaction when they ask their names."

She asked other mums for their opinions on her predicament.

Lots of people rushed to tell the mum she should keep the names if she lives them.

One wrote: "It shouldn't really matter why you named your children what you did, whether it's linked to a TV programme, book or song title or it just jumped out at you as a name you loved, that's totally your business."

Another said: "I would keep them if you like them – sod what others think."

A third mused: "It's up to you and which names you pick and you absolutely should not feel pressured into changing them if those are the names that you like.

"But, having said that, I am not at all surprised that you get comments about the TV show, and I expect that will happen for a long time to come."

Many others confessed that they had named their kids after famous pop culture references, songs or places.

One admitted, "My youngest is named Dakota after a Stereophonics song," and other said, "My middle ended up being a boy named Tate, after the film Little Man Tate."

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