There are a number of factors you want to consider before starting a family – which is why you don't want anyone else interfering with your decision.

Shockingly, one woman has revealed that her mother-in-law was so desperate to become a grandmother that she TAMPERED with her birth control.

The woman told her story on Kidspot, explaining that she and her husband Pete – who've been married for two years – moved in with his parents while building their dream home.

She's always been "particularly close" to his mum Kathy, but she'd been "at" them to start a family.

The woman says: "We're in our late 20s and neither of us is ready yet. I've only been out of uni for three years and I'm determined to work on my career for another five years or so before I even think about babies."

Kathy regularly started conversations about children, asking which surname the couple's son or daughter would have and what names they liked.

The woman continues: "One night she said to me: 'Why won't you two just get on with it? You know you’re going to have a baby eventually.'"

She could see Kathy was "lonely and probably a bit bored", and that her other three children would be unlikely to provide her with a grandchild anytime soon.

But that didn't change her mind on the subject.

The next week, the woman was "chilled to her core" when she caught Kathy at her bedside table – with an upholstery needle in one hand and a line of condom packets in the other.

She's unable to take the pill because she doesn't respond well to the hormones, so she and her husband rely on condoms.

The woman says: "I was shocked and furious. There was no point making excuses – I'd caught Kathy red-handed.

"When I pressed her, she admitted she'd done it before, and I realised that Pete and I had been taking risks pretty much since we'd moved into Des and Kathy’s place two months earlier."

Kathy apologised, but understandably, the woman could no longer trust her mother-in-law and she and her husband soon moved out.

She ends her story by admitting that she's "flat broke" paying rent while building her house.

She adds: "I’m hoping my period comes when it's due next week, because I can't afford a baby right now."

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