MAURO Icardi's gorgeous wife and agent Wanda Nara is certainly no stranger to controversy.

The 33-year-old Argentine beauty sent her 7.2million Instagram followers into meltdown again this week when she posted naked snaps – but that's just her latest scandal in a long line of eyebrow-raising incidents.

Sex tape rumours, naked photos and allegations of cheating on her footballer ex-husband to woo Icardi have all followed Wanda.

She famously caused a huge rift in her home country after seducing Icardi, 27, while she was still married to his Argentinian teammate, Maxi Lopez, 36.

But she's now widely regarded as one of the most powerful women in football as she oversees her husband's career.

One former footballer previously explained to Sun Online: “Argentina is arguably the country most passionate about football, so when Icardi hooked up with his national teammate’s wife, and moved their three kids in with him, fans were disgusted and it’s caused problems ever since.

“Wanda isn’t well liked in the country, but she doesn’t care. She loves showing off her glamorous life – she posts naked pictures of herself surrounded by her designer shoes and bags in her walk-in wardrobe and travelling by private jet.

Here, Sun Online takes a closer at the blonde bombshell

Nude pictures and a 'sex tape' scandal

Lots of WAGs value their privacy – but Wanda has made a name for herself baring all, regularly posting risque selfies on Instagram.

Many are taken in her mansion, where she surrounds herself with designer clothes and fast cars.

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Even Icardi is partial to posting scantily-clad images of his wife to his 6.7million followers too.

These include some rather explicit swimwear shots taken while the pair enjoyed themselves on a romantic getaway to the Seychelles.

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In 2018, though, Wanda was subject of rumours when an audio sex-tape was sent around on WhatsApp.

Italian news outlets reported it was between Wanda and Icardi’s teammate Marcelo Brozovic – but she denied the reports.
"I am a mum and I live for my five children, I am always with them," Wanda said at the time. "Then I am the wife of Mauro.

"I live a normal life, I work and I take care of my children so think for yourself rather than write nonsense stories about my life."

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Sex drought and 'hidden pain'

While the sex tape might have proved false, true details of her relationship with Icardi became something of a scandal in their own right.

Icardi says he and Wanda first got together while on a holiday with her ex, Maxi Lopez, and their three children.

In his autobiography, Icardi reveals: "We texted many times. She wrote to me: ‘Mauro, we are going for a ride to the Aeolian Islands with Gonzalo Bergessio and his wife. Why don’t you come with us?'

"While I was alone on the second floor of the boat, lying on the couch and listening to a bit of reggae, Wanda all of a sudden came and sat beside me, without any embarrassment. At that time her relationship with Lopez was ending.”

However, Wanda says Icardi seduced her after her marriage ended.

“After the divorce, I had gone back to live in Argentina and already had the kids registered for the new school year.

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"I had to come back to Milan to finalise some paperwork and he offered to lend me his car, leaving me the keys to his house, too.

“He asked if I wanted to have dinner with him, but the fridge was empty. I knocked up some pasta and the rest just happened spontaneously.”
She also claimed her husband was to blame, saying at the time: “It’s been three months since my husband had sex.

"Maxi has neglected me. Although I’ve been living in luxury, I am also living with hidden pain.”

Ultimate betrayal of friendship

Wanda and Icardi's new relationship might have made them both privately happy, but it became a huge public talking-point. Series A’s Sampdoria match against Inter Milan in April 2014 was even dubbed “The Wanda Derby” when Lopez and Icardi played against each other.

Icardi was also booed by fans and Lopez refused to shake his hand.

Wanda and Lopez had begun divorce proceedings in December 2013 when reports surfaced it was partly due to her relationship with Icardi.

It was considered the ultimate betrayal of friendship by some – Icardi is nine years Lopez’s junior and had been taken under his wing when he first moved to play in Italy.

In May 2014 Icardi married Wanda in Buenos Aires in front of just 12 guests – none of his teammates attended.

First the wife, then the kids

Undeterred, the new couple wrote gushing tributes to each other on social media.

In June 2014, five months after Wanda left Lopez, tensions worsened when Icardi tweeted a picture of a new arm tattoo he had of Wanda and Lopez’s three children, captioned: "I love these three little angels.”

Unsurprisingly, Lopez seethed, saying: "I can understand that, being a public figure, he publishes photos. But I'm not comfortable with my kids being in those photos."

Icardi and Wanda have gone on to have two young daughters of their own, Francesca and Isabella.

The 'most explosive WAG in football'

While most WAGs' celebrity status is overshadowed by their husbands' careers, Wanda is at the forefront of Icardi’s – in 2015, he sacked his agent of 10 years, hiring Wanda instead.

She is believed to be behind his increasing salary demands and draws up his contracts.

There was speculation that Icardi was left out of the Argentina squad for years due to the furore over how he and Wanda got together.

But he has since been reinstated and during one clash against Uruguay in September 2017, Wanda travelled to the game via private jet, and demanded to be seated in a box.

However she was “forced” to sit in the stands and reportedly had a tantrum about it.

Despised by their home country

Even late legend Diego Maradona was incensed by Icardi and Wanda’s personal life.

With rumours of Icardi being called up to World Cup in 2018, Maradona called Icardi a “piece of s**t” and an “embarrassment”.

“[Icardi] knows how to (have sex with his friend’s wife). He does that very well. He can find his friend’s house easily, he doesn’t need a GPS for that," he reportedly said.

Yet, Wanda and Icardi remain unapologetic.

Icardi has even called Lopez “ignorant” and says: "As long as my footballing career goes on, I hope to achieve it by her side because she truly deserves it for the sacrifice she's made of being so far from her family, so far from Argentina and to be by my side here, raising our children and being happy in Milan."

Wanda also won't be pushed out of the limelight.

She's riled fans by claiming Icardi was “on par with Cristiano Ronaldo”, and was also accused of instigating tension before the infamously violent Boca Junior versus River Plate clash by wearing River colours.

And with her naked photos uploaded this week, it seems she's still not listening to critics and relishing courting controversy.


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