WHEN Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot back in 2011, their wedding was watched by approximately 26 million Brits.

And despite the pair sticking to a number of royal traditions during the day, it's been reported that behind the scenes, they wanted to "do things their own way".

"Behind the scenes, William and Kate wanted to break with tradition and to do things their way," claimed an ITV documentary, William at 30.

And it was in fact the guest list that William was said to be unhappy with.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl explained: "Initially Buckingham Palace had drawn up a very extensive guest list, I think over 700 names of Heads of State, Kings and Queens around the world."

Royal reporter Roya Nikkhah also added: “[William] then went to the Queen and said ‘Is this really the way it’s going to be?’

“And she said, ‘No rip that up! Invite who you want.’”

The guest list wasn't the only way they broke from tradition.

The Duke of Cambridge – now 37 – proposed using Diana's engagement ring, explaining during their official engagement interview that it "was my way of keeping her close to it all.”

According to reporter, Roya, the fine details of the day were chosen by Kate and Will, including the hymns, prayers and flowers.

The couple also shared an infamous "balcony kiss" – a tradition first started by Prince Charles and Diana in 1981.

But William didn't copy his parents entirely and opted to kiss Kate not one but twice on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

Now married with three children – six-year-old Prince George, four-year-old Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, aged one – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have always tried to ensure their kids have as normal upbringing as possible.

In the 2016 documentary, William & Kate: The Journey, royal experts explain the Duke and Duchess have steered away from some traditions.

According to journalist Ashley Pearson, the couple are not "overindulging or spoiling" their children.

"Having said that, Kate had broken precedent in the sense that she does more for herself than anyone else in her position has ever done before," explains Pearson.

"… Kate is in a difficult position because she didn't grow up with household servants.

"She likes to cook, she likes to do things for William, and she very much likes the privacy one gets without servants around."

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