AFTER bitter splits and one night stands, a woman scorned can sometimes hit below the belt – by mocking her ex’s manhood.

It’s designed to be the ultimate humiliation – but for celebs it means the cruel shaming is all the more public.

Rebekah Vardy’s famous 2004 comments about Peter Andre – that he was hung like a “miniature chipolata" – came back to haunt him earlier this month in her court case against Coleen Rooney.

The pair had a one night stand in 2001 and in a News of the World interview, three years later, she claimed the singer had “the smallest trouser equipment I’ve ever seen”.

“She added that he “had absolutely no hairs on his body” and that he “slaver[ed] like one of her boxer dogs when he kissed her.”

Peter Andre, 47, has never publicly commented on the claims made by Rebekah, 38, but they have resurfaced in court papers, with Coleen Rooney’s legal team claiming they proved she was a “serial leaker.”

But the Mysterious Girl singer is not alone in being penis-shamed, with a host of stars from Stephen Bear to Brad Pitt facing ridicule from exes – though others have found themselves bigged up by their partners.

Britney’s ‘little’ dig at JT

He may be known as “Trousersnake” but Justin Timberlake’s size was called into question by ex Britney Spears in 2003.

The pair dated for three years, from 1999, but in an MTV show the Toxic singer said she felt "just a little bitter" after their split – emphasising the words "just" and "little" with a finger gesture.

She then "fell about laughing with her camera crew," a source told The Sun.

The two stars have since made up, with Britney recently dancing to JT’s song Filthyand calling her ex a “genius” on social media, while he responded with laughing and clapping emojis.

Juliette’s bad Brad vibe

Long before Brangelina was a thing, Brad Pitt was a Hollywood lothario whose flings included Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Robin Givens, Christina Applegate, Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Sinitta.

But it was indie actress Juliette Lewis who gave him the burn, after a brief romance in the early 1990s.

After a gig in Seattle in 2007, the rock chick was hanging out in a bar when a fan reportedly asked about Brad’s tackle.

According to the National Enquirer, she replied: "He was no big deal, if you know what I mean!"

The fan joked: "Are you saying Brad was the pitts?" which apparently made the singer laugh so much she knocked over a table of drinks.

Lydia Bright’s Argie Bargie

Towie stars Lydia Bright and James ‘Arg’ Argent had an on-off relationship for seven years before finally calling it quits in 2016.

Two years later, during a boozy game on Comedy Central’s The Chris Ramsey Show, she took him down.

After declaring current boyfriend, Lee Cronin, better in bed than Arg she was asked whether her ex was a “grower or shower”.

She yelled: "Neither!"

Host Chris then asked fellow guest Ollie Locke who his worst celebrity lover was and the Made In Chelsea star joked: “Arg.”

Lydia quickly chipped in with “mine too!”

Jodie’s mushroom jibe

Jodie Marsh famously became celibate after splitting from husband James Placido in 2016, eight months after they wed.

She celebrated swearing off men by publically ridiculing her ex’s manhood.

She tweeted: "ALWAYS be proud to be celibate! Far rather be celibate than with a mushroom knob t**t."

After seeing the now legendary picture of Orlando Bloom paddleboarding naked, she took another dig – and the Pirates of the Caribbean star got caught in the crossfire.

She posted: "Waaaaaaa nearly as disappointing as my ex!! Hahaha. So not what I was expecting from a muscly guy. A bit like guys who do wheelies on motorbikes down your local high street. Annoying and over compensating for their prawn k**b."

Stephen’s size laid Bear

With as many exes as Stephen Bear has, some cruel comments are inevitable.

The Ex On The Beach star, whose former flings include Vicky Pattison, Megan McKenna and Charlotte Crosby, felt the sharp end of ex Kayleigh Morris’s tongue in 2016.

Talking to Star magazine she rated his bedroom performance as "Five out of ten.”

She added: “He's got the gift of the gab, but he hasn't got a large penis. He openly says that. I wouldn't go back there."

Serial shamer Katie blasts Danny Cipriani’s rugby tackle

If you dare to date Katie Price, you do so at your peril.

Never one to be shy about her bedroom secrets, the contents of her exes’ pants is fair game – whether they’re big or small.

Danny Cipriani felt the full force of her distain when she wrote in a newspaper column: "One thing I just don’t get is why Danny is always referred to as a rugby hunk.

"In my experience he was a bit — erm — lean in the most obvious departments.

"That’s why I nicknamed him Danny Chipolata. He can no longer hit any of the right spots on the rugby field and can’t find them on a woman.”

Argentinian model Leandro Penna, who she was engaged to in 2012, was oversized, according to Katie.

Speaking in 2016, she said : "I used to get cystitis all the time with it, honestly. I am being crude but when it goes in it's like, 'Ugh'. He was big but I can't even remember.

"If someone's got a big dick, it hurts, [they won't understand if you say], 'Oh hang on, that f**king hurts'."

Referring to then-husband Kieran Hayler, she quickly added: "Kieran's is big as well – Google it, I can only have the tip."

Too much information!

Victoria bigs up her Goldenballs

Posh as she may be, even Victoria Beckham isn’t shy when it comes to talking about David’s package – but in a good way.

The fashion designer, who coined the phrase “Goldenballs” about her superstar husband, was asked how she felt about his 2008 Armani underwear adverts being splashed on huge billboards around the world.

She told The Independent: “I’m proud to see his penis 25 foot tall. It’s great. It’s huge. It’s enormous. Massive. If I looked like that I’d walk down the street in my panties too."

Sarah’s awe at Andrew ‘Large Weapon’

Not all exes get vindictive when it comes to tackle size.

Sarah Brightman put ex-husband Andrew Lloyd Webber on the manhood map with a very saucy statement in 2007.

Asked by Graham Norton why she married the composer, she replied: "Because he simply has the BIGGEST penis!”

Responding to the quip, on the Jonathan Ross show, the West End hitmaker said his ex-wife’s assessment of his package was “entirely true. My trousers don’t fit me because of… ahem, Sarah Brightman’s comments. I think I’m going to have to change my tailor.”

Enrique's Spanish sausage

Some stars don't even wait for an ex to body-shame them – they just do it themselves.

During a 2011 concert in Australia, Enrique Iglesias told fans: "What does Spanish good looks have to do with the size of your penis? They're completely different things.

"Maybe I have the Spanish looks but I have the smallest penis in the world. I'm serious."

It hasn't stopped him dating some of the world's most beautiful women, including Sofia Vergara, Christina Aguilera and the mother of his twins, tennis ace Anna Kournikova.

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